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Along Luis Torres, Staff writer

Compared to most races since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Kyle Busch spent a progressive afternoon at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, finishing third in the Pennzoil 400 on Sunday.

Bush’s road to the first Top 5 of 2021 was the grind when he fought the ultra-tight No. 18 Ethel M Chocolate Toyota Camry. Things finally started to click on the final floor where he was moving forward, and others were having a hard time landing.

It did benefit from his results, but there is still considerable room for improvement.

“We obviously fought hard. At the start of the green flag, we were a little behind the eight-ball and were very tight all day,” Bush said. “Ben (Bishore, Crew Chief) and everyone made great adjustments. I give them the best feedback I can to give them good information that they can make appropriate adjustments based on it. I was trying.

“We’ve improved every time. I don’t know where I’ve missed it from the simulator, but it’s been two weeks in a row and we’re not apples.”

Bush added that there was something wrong with the simulator in the second straight race.

“It just doesn’t correlate tightly enough for us. If we can make it better and closer, it feels like there’s something there,” Bush said.

“We start out of balance. It’s much better towards the end. Still, there was room for improvement in the end. Overall, our speed was a bit off. Kyle (Larson) and Brad I didn’t mean to keep up with (Keselowski).

“No doubt when I restarted, I found that I was really slow and everyone attacked me and retreated. It took me a while to get back, but that was our day.”

After four races, Bush is now in 14th place, 10 points above the playoff cut offline. Bush knows they’re here to play during the season, which made a great start from Hendrick Motorsport and Team Penske.

That said, he knew those teams would be stronger in Vegas, but some stood out more than others. They were race winner Larson and runner-up Keselowski, who grew up again in a post-race video call.

“They were really fast here with Chase (Elliott) last year. I thought Chase was fast early in the race. I don’t know because I haven’t seen the front. I saw him there. I think, “Bush said.

“(Larson) was able to close and close the deal, but yeah, they’re certainly pretty fast. It was interesting how (Brad) was at the forefront. 2 One was fast all day long. (Joey Logano) I don’t think he really got there. (Ryan Blaney) I think it was okay.

“Yes, that is, we are definitely a little behind as JGR. We will continue to work on this and strive to be better. But as perception is, Hendrick and Penske are certainly. I’m in front of us, yes. “

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Kyle Busch Rally Finishes 3rd in Las Vegas – Motorsport Tribune Kyle Busch Rally Finishes 3rd in Las Vegas – Motorsport Tribune

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