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The· Denver Broncos Acted swiftly to open the 2021 free agency signing period and re-signed Defense Lineman Shelby Harris Bring in a cornerback Ronald Derby..

Since then things have been relatively quiet as long as we add players to the team, but they essentially made a splash by swapping. Philip Lindsay In a running back with a former 2018 undrafted free agent companion Mike Boon..

The market is moving relatively quickly in the early stages of free agents, with very rational and team-friendly deals for players who may have been very interested in Denver Broncos and the new GM George Paton. It is done.

Currently, Broncos has taken over the players, but now there may be obvious reasons. why They are doing it.

With Chicago Bears Kyle Fuller, who will start a cornerback with a little cap crunch, will be released or traded in the very near future. Broncos is being tracked, according to multiple reports.

There seems to be more than just smoke here. This is an all-out burning fire.

Kyle Fuller had the best season in the NFL so far in defending Vic Fangio when Fangio was in Chicago in 2015-18. Fuller missed the 2016 season altogether, but made a big bloom in Fangio in 2017 and 2018, splitting a total of 43 passes and winning nine more passes in that time frame.

Broncos’ secondary has already gained a boost after the franchise tagged Justin Simmons and signed Ronald Darby in the cornerback.

Would you like to add Kyle Fuller to your mix with a healthy (hopefully) Blythe Callahan?

The combination of Fuller, Darby, Simmons, and Callahan alone gives:

  • 49 carrier intercepts
  • 225 path split

Broncos desperately needs players who can produce turnovers in the secondary, and only four of them have proved on an individual basis that they can achieve it. Collectively and in the defense of Big Fangio?

It could be something really special.

Broncos adds yet another playmaking safety or adds the fact that Michael Oh Jae-moo, the third round pick of 2020, can be given a shot to play in his physical style of play. Then you can make something really unique in Denver.

There is no official one at this time. Bears hasn’t officially released Fuller yet, and Broncos’ interest is only rumored at this time. That said, the possibilities from both sides definitely make sense and can happen soon.

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Kyle Fuller can quickly join the improved secondary Kyle Fuller can quickly join the improved secondary

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