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LA Clippers guard Paul George He said he was talking to the referee when things escalated Phoenix Suns Security guard Chris Paul And Devin BookerA technical foul occurred on George and Booker in the fourth quarter of Sunday.

Earn 39 points and hit 7 3 pointers to win the Clippers 112-107 victory In Phoenix, George suggested hearing “a lot of barks” related to his struggle in the bubble during the last postseason in Orlando, Florida.

“You had to ask them,” George said when Paul and Booker were asked what had happened. “I was talking to ref, the CP jumped in and escalated from there. As I said, I never talked. The reason is that there are so many calls and people Is only alive in the past.

“Last year was last year. I’m in a new situation. I have a different mindset. Whatever you dislike, you have to ask them. I don’t know where it comes from. “

After he and Booker were hit by two remaining technical fouls in 7 minutes and 20 seconds, George scored 5 points and found the open. Nicolas Batum In the case of 3 pointers that sealed the Clippers victory with 11.9 seconds remaining. Shortly before George and Booker’s technical foul, Sands reduced the 60-29 deficit to 96-94, leaving 9:10 in the game.

“Last year was tough,” George said in a post-match court interview with the Clippers broadcast. “People think it’s sweet, guy, people think it’s sweet because I’m down. I haven’t heard this for my 10 years in the league, but last year people I lived there last year, and I had to answer it, and I’m ready to compete. I’m back. “

When George was asked by Booker that he had led to a technical foul, Sands guards said he didn’t remember.

“Honestly, that’s nothing,” Booker said after Sands’ four consecutive wins. “It’s nothing.”



Paul George dropped 39 points to the Sands, leading the Clippers to a 112-107 victory.

George is off to a good start to the season and is the third different player in NBA history to win at least 30 3-pointers in the team’s first seven games of the season. This is after frank George reveals that he experienced depression while on the NBA campus in Orlando during a slump in shooting in the bubble, away from his loved ones.The Clippers later lost the 3-1 Series lead and the double-digit lead three times in a row Denver Nuggets In the second round of the playoffs.

With George Kawhi Leonard In Round 7, I had a hard time fighting Denver. George shot 16-4 and scored 10 points, while Leonard scored 14 points 22-6.

Prior to the playoffs in early August Patrick Beverley George went back and forth between trash talk sessions with Portland Damian Lillard On social media, after the Blazers All-Star lost to the Bubble Clippers and missed a free throw, Beverly pointed to his wrist and said goodbye to Lillard.

Lillard later told reporters what he had done to both George and Beverly in his past encounters, and with George. Oklahoma City Thunder Previous postseason home that led to more commentary on social media. It was more than a month before the Clippers’ playoff meltdown against Denver.

George said he found motivation in the off-season from criticism of playing in the bubble.

“Of course,” George said. “And that’s why I focused this year. I heard all the noise, and I use all that noise for motivation.”

As Leonard struggled against Sands with a 4-21 shoot knight, George hit six of the first nine three-point attempts, scoring 32 points in the fourth quarter. Booker scored 12 out of 25 points for the fourth time to help Phoenix almost eliminate the 31-point deficit.

But George said he was surprised to hear the story directed at him.

“I don’t talk, I play my game,” George said. “For some reason, it’s a man talking. It’s like I’ve never heard people talking [before], And it’s never been directed at me, but for some reason it’s a lot of mouth. And that’s ok. I had to play until then.

“I go through the fire. It’s okay. As long as we are at the top, we win and help the team win. That’s all that matters. Other than the rest, they do what they want. You can. I’m trapped and it’s more about my peace and security. “

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LA Clippers Paul George says his opponents “scream” more since the fight in the NBA Bubble LA Clippers Paul George says his opponents “scream” more since the fight in the NBA Bubble

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