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LA Times: Bertilomo loses respect for other journalists

Maria Bartiromo

Stephen Batagrio The Los Angeles Times also explores how Fox Business anchors Maria Bartiromo We have covered the false allegations that President Donald Trump’s elections are fraudulent.

Battario reports: “But recently, a former colleague of Bertilomo, many praising her reporting skills and tireless work ethic, wondered why her program would be the last gasping effort to overturn President Trump’s election results. I’m wondering if I’ve allowed it. CNBC insiders and graduates often exchange texts with Bertilomo’s tweets and clips asking “what happened”.

“There are a lot of amazing things to do,” he said. Ted David, CNBC’s retired 20-year veteran anchored with Bertilomo. “Maria was always considered a principle expert. She has lost a lot of respect from fellow journalists.

“The allegations of fraudulent voting on Bertilomo’s and other shows are now under close scrutiny as a software company. Smartmatic requested withdrawal From Fox News and other conservative networks about potentially defamatory remarks made about its role in elections.

“Bertilomo claims she’s not a defender of Trump, despite most of the friendly interviews she’s done with him. But she’s a president of a large-scale pollster fraud. We will not dismiss the president’s claim that he took the victory in the 2020 race with Joe Biden in the election. “

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LA Times: Bertilomo loses respect for other journalists LA Times: Bertilomo loses respect for other journalists

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