Lady Dimitrescu looks like an upgraded Mr.X in the Resident Evil Village gameplay video

Capcom has confirmed that Lady D actually gives it to you. A new preview mountain of Resident Evil Village has landed, combined with considerable help from gameplay videos, the in-game role of Lady Dimitresque as a kind of upgraded take from Resident Evil 2 remake. Became clear.

The official preview, created in partnership with the PlayStation Blog, also reveals the relationship between Lady D and RE2’s impressive villains. Her “impressive height and the need to go through the doorways reminds me of a permanent tyrant of RE2 remakes (aka Mr. X). When she’s on your trail, Escape is like the name of the game. You can see. The sharp nails are growing. “

Castle Dimitrescu is like a classic biohazard place, a big, unlimited environment with puzzles that you have to solve to make further progress. As IGN explains in another preview, Lady Dimitresque (and her “daughter”) stalks you throughout the castle and complicates your journey back and forth between the castles. It’s just the role that Mr. X played in RE2.

Of course, Mr. X didn’t hit the RE2 remake out of nowhere. Even discounting his role in the original game, Jack Baker is a persistent threat through a fairly small chunk of Resident Evil 7, which is a large (and tall) modern kind of RE. It seems that it was a bad template. Also, the RE3 remake included Nemesis, but he turned out to be a pretty boring enemy and chased you primarily through linear, scripted action scenes.

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The release date of Resident Evil Village PC is May 7th. I will meet the woman in the castle in person soon.

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