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If this was a learning lesson in the continuous evolution of a young franchise, it would have been very painful.

LAFC witnessed a slip in history on Tuesday night as they lost to Tigres UANL 2-1 in the 2020 Conkaf Champions League final and failed to take the lead in the second half. The defeat robs LAFC of a great opportunity to become the first MLS side to win the competition, extending Liga MX’s dominance in the tournament to 12 years, leaving Black and Gold in the ongoing search for their first title. I did.

“It’s hard to understand the idea right away,” said Bob Bradley, head coach of LAFC at the Exploria Stadium in Orlando, Florida. “I’ve been playing the game for 70 minutes very much for them. I thought it was difficult. It’s a choppy game. Soccer isn’t perfect, but I think it’s a pretty good way to chase them and push the game. “

But that wasn’t enough.

LAFC started the match by doing a powerful job of making life at Tigres UANL very difficult, pushing the field hard and closing the space between the lines to limit the rooms the Mexican side could work in. It was a tight match befitting a typical final, with few chances and many fouls from both sides.

Bradley’s team finally found a breakthrough in the loop finish from Diego Rossi in the 61st minute, but LAFC was unable to maintain the lead. Hugo Ayala put Tigres equalizer into the net from an unnecessarily given corner kick 11 minutes later, and star striker André-Pierre Gignac came up with the winner in one of the only dangerous moments of the 84th. ..

“Clearly, players like Gignac for that period of the 70-minute game can’t do much when you push the team and they’re struggling to move forward,” Bradley said. .. “Then, when the game turns around and there’s a little more space in the future, he’s a good player and can take advantage of it.”

LAFC had the opportunity to add a lead before the disappointment in the second half, but captain and star attacker Carlos Vela couldn’t take advantage of the decent look within the penalty area. As a result, the game turned out to be within reach of Tigres and costly.

Immediately after Vera’s mistake, Black and Gold’s desperation to defend their 1-0 advantage led to a miscommunication between centerback Eddie Segura and goalkeeper Kenneth Vermeer. That misunderstanding led to a corner kick. The corner kick led to a chance. That opportunity led to an equalizer.

“It doesn’t work in the front zone,” said tying Bradley.

You will be asked about Bradley’s decision to have his team zone-mark corner kicks, especially after giving up set-piece goals in each of the last two games. That said, the winners of the second half of Tigres came from the run of play as the seemingly tired LAFC side struggled to maintain the strength, organization and compactness they had in many of the finals. It was.

“At that point, we can see that we are starting to be a little more careless,” Bradley said. “It takes a while to close things.”

LAFC never really approached finding their own equalizer. The third-year team eventually became the latest MLS team, which was not enough for international tournaments in the region where only the Liga MX club had won so far.

The search for the first CCL trophy in Major League Soccer continues until 2021, but it’s a bitter drug to swallow LAFC. Especially after being very close.

“Our team is growing,” Bradley said. “We played really good football in some of these games, and I thought our way after the game tonight was really good … (but) we end up in a really disappointing way . “

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LAFC remained disappointed after taking tough lessons in the final defeat of the CCL LAFC remained disappointed after taking tough lessons in the final defeat of the CCL

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