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Two months following the first playoff flop with Phoenix, when Davis’s groin injury left them pulled up to lame. The Lakers explored the prospects for dealing with stars such as Damian Lillard, Bradley Beal, DeMar DeRozan and Russell Westbrook. This process goes far beyond the team’s front office search, with James setting up his own warroom in Brentwood real estate for face-to-face player meetings while leading remote communications in other conversations. I did it.
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Ja Morant said he was the top five NBA point guards for Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook.
“The position of the point guard is very stressful. Some people have to be left behind.” @Ja Morant Said.
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In the last four weeks, the three best teams in the country could be from the SEC… .. depending on the perspective of Oregon, Ohio and Notre Dame – 9:58 pm

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I don’t think it will happen with Curry Thompson, Tatam Brown, Jokić Murray, James Davis, Lillard McCallum, Leonard George, etc. Not if the top two respect each other. – – 9:09 pm

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The rematch became even more difficult for AJ. Usyk became more comfortable with this weight and got to know AJ better … I’m looking forward to it – 6:09 pm

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Usyk by unanimous decision-maker. Respect AJ tho – 6:05 pm

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Brian Kelly passing through Knut Rockney at Notre Dame is like someone passing John Wooden at UCLA, but in reality he hasn’t earned anything important. – – 3:44 pm

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NoteDame has to figure out how to replace Mike Tirico with Gus Johnson. Inject the first round of picks, the right to exchange picks, and more. Do what you have to do. – – 3:18 pm

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Dame DOLLA – His Duncan (Official Video) via @YouTube – – 2:08 PM

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The group initially focused on Lillard and Beer, but turned their attention to more realistic goals as there was no viable way to trade with either. Westbrook, DeRozan, Hield and Kyle Lowry eventually sought a deal with the Miami Heat instead. -via Athletic / September 27, 2021

Many who believed at the time continued to claim that Damian Lillard was ready to ask questions. Sources who know the situation believe that Lillard is hampered by both his loyalty to Portland and his reluctance to go back to what he has already said about sticking things out. He eventually decided to do this again, and Lillard was offered a roster upgrade and made a loud voice in the coaching search. He may still ask for directions, but only time will tell how long this honeymoon will last. -via Philly Voice / September 22, 2021

Damian Lillard: Click here for details … # RipCity is my city -via Instagram / September 8, 2021

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Lakers considered dealing with Damian Lillard Lakers considered dealing with Damian Lillard

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