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Mack trucks have traveled throughout Australia since 1919, and the latest Anthem model in 2021 shows that manufacturers can meet the demands of the local market with modern trucks that respect more than 100 years of tradition. I will.

Not only did Mack tinker with the edge of national anthem development, the new track incorporates some important changes in the fields of electronics and aerodynamics. The overall package is further enhanced by the availability of deep reduction gear and the 36-inch stand-up sleeper cab option.

The radical changes include an all-new electrical architecture with the great advantage of full integration of the Bendix Wingman Fusion Active Safety System, which is now standard in the national anthem.

Integrating multiple systems into such a package is a complex procedure, and Anthem is an “American” track, so instead of reconfiguring a system developed for Europe, it will be available from Bendix. It is logical to use a US-based system. vehicle.

The state-of-the-art Bendix system uses a combination of radar, camera and brakes to provide many safety-related features such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning, collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking.

Bendix ESP’s full stability system reduces rollover and electronic stability control, loss of wet and dry roads, and initiates accelerator and brake intervention using multiple sensors and near-instantaneous computing. ..

The Bendix Blindspotter feature uses a sensor mounted on the curveside fuel tank to trigger audio and light indicators mounted on the curveside “A” pillar.

Highway trucks such as the Anthem prime mover we are testing are Mack’s predictive cruise control that saves undulating terrain in the truck’s GPS data to optimize engine speed and fuel efficiency for the saved route. Benefit from.

Long-distance drivers have long sought a stand-up sleeper cab that can be used on Macs.

Overall, it’s not much different from existing Mac cabs, but the good news is that Anthem’s significantly improved sleeper options will also be available on the Mac Trident and Superliner models.

With a roof height of 1828mm in the cab and an integrated sleeper floor-to-roof dimension of 2120mm, drivers no longer need to be acrobats to access and change sleepers.

According to Mack, the sleeper has 35% more space than its predecessor, which becomes apparent as soon as you board a taxi. The mattress has pocket springs and plenty of storage lockers.

You can also access the locker box with an external opening from inside the cab by lifting the base of the bunk bed. There is an option for a 36 liter sliding refrigerator.

The LED bank, overhead light, and reading light switch are located on the rear wall control panel, with a digital alarm clock, 12 volt and USB charging outlet, and a convenient pocket for storing your smartphone.

There is also a small fan that circulates the air, and the sleeper window has a self-contained insect screen that tilts to let in fresh air and keep out the rain.

The Anthem look has been significantly restyled from previous Mack models with a sloping bonnet and smooth, flat fenders designed to direct airflow to the sides and top of trucks and trailers for air resistance. You can now cheat better.

Cornered panels and flat headlights counteract the chunky look and reduce drag coefficients to improve fuel efficiency.

The pursuit of aerodynamics and fuel efficiency did not sacrifice the look of a traditional solid Mac.

From the front, the fall on the front of the bonnet is a good reminiscent of a muscular bulldog, but the side view shows that this is definitely an American truck.

The Anthem model bonnet has one latch in the center of the front, which requires minimal effort to tilt the bonnet and perform daily checks with the help of gas struts. The golden bulldog mascot on the hood of the test track shows the Mac integrated driveline covering the engine, transmission and rear axle.
Air resistance has been further reduced by filling the gaps in the panels and minimizing seams.

A “close-out” flange between the hood and bumper guides air around the cab, and a flexible air dam attached to the FUPS reduces turbulence under the vehicle. Even the front tow loop has a snap-down cover that helps reduce drag.

The front bumper has a three-piece construction that minimizes replacement costs in the event of damage. For similar reasons, two-piece windshields are used to reduce the cost of replacement.

Anthem replaces the Granite model, which was limited to a maximum engine rating of 500hp. Anthem gets maximum specs of 535hp and 1920 lb / ft of torque from a 13 liter MP8 engine.

The effect of the MP8’s “power leash” engine brake is controlled via a stalk mounted on the right side of the steering column. The first stage activates the exhaust braking function, and when the lever is moved to the second stage, the internal engine compression braking system is activated.

The third stage of the lever is spring-loaded, which activates electronics to downshift the transmission when possible, maximizing effectiveness without over-rotating the engine. Maximum engine braking is achieved at 2000 rpm.

The stem also manages the CoPilot driver information system displayed on a 5-inch screen between large analog key devices.

Ansem’s distinctive steering wheel inherits the image of the truck’s front panel, with a backlit controlled control for cruise control with a telephone on the left and an audio system on the right.

The flat bottom of the steering wheel resembles modern racing and performance cars, helping to improve cab access.

The rake of the steering column can be adjusted by stepping on the locking pedal on the right side of the accelerator. The mDRIVE transmission’s touch button controls approach the driver and optional gauges can be attached to adjacent panels to monitor features such as turbo boost, transmission temperature and rear axle fluid.

The rocker switches on the dashboard for items such as diff locks and power dividers are laser etched and should prove to be readable until the end of the truck’s life.

Mack has partnered with ISRi to develop seats for cab and truck suspensions.

The two leaf parabolic springs on the front are very well combined with the Mac Air Ride suspension on the rear. If suitable for a particular application, you have the option of a traditional inverted leaf rear suspension.

Anthem’s mDRIVE transmission has improved programming. This was noticeable in the smoothness of the upshifts of the two Anthem prime movers during the test program, primarily as if humans were applying accelerators.

Both trucks are equipped with a 13-speed deep reduction mDRIVE HD option for the transmission.

A 14-speed XHD is also available, allowing the transmission to take advantage of much lower gearing, allowing you to use a “tall” diff ratio without compromising startability and grade performance. In addition, the multi-speed reverse gear option makes activities such as trailer connection and backup to the loading dock more appropriate and safe.

The Gradient Gripper feature counters annoying and dangerous rollbacks when starting on an uphill slope.

Our test drive day cab is fitted with a 3.40: 1 rear axle, weighs 36 tonnes, and spends most of its time traveling along the undulating sections of the Hume Highway in the top two gears. Spend time in. With a slightly heavier GVM of 42 tonnes, the Sleeper Cab Anthem doesn’t seem to drop a lot of gear moving along similar sections, despite the fuel-efficient rear-end ratio of 3.09: 1.

Anthem combines the finest elements of Mack’s tradition with many of the features expected of European trucks, especially in areas that include integrated safety, not added later to soothe the market. It is an American truck that was made.

Macs are smarter than that and know their past, present and future customers. This forms a major part of the reason for extended development, including extensive testing under Australian and New Zealand conditions.

It can take millions of dollars and years (five years for Anthem) to develop and bring to market a complex vehicle like a modern heavy-duty truck. In the final form of Anthem, Mack seems to have spent a lot of time and money. Be wise.

Lap of Honor-Prime Mover Magazine Lap of Honor-Prime Mover Magazine

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