Large PS5 FAQ confirms 8K resolution and other future plans

If I buy two PS5, will it be PS10 or PS25? (Photo: Sony)

Sony new The PlayStation 5 FAQ supports the PS Plus collection, PS4 updated remote play, and more.

As the PlayStation 5 launch date approaches, Sony will release a long and incredibly detailed FAQ to bring together all the important information and address questions from future owners.

It covers a lot of information that has already been discussed in the last few months, from which you can collect some new details: what Sony plans to do in the future.

PlayStation 5 can already display games in native 4K resolution, but Sony wants to go beyond that to play games in 8K.

8K resolution isn’t possible at launch (you’ll need an 8K TV, of course), but Sony says it will be part of a future update. It’s not clear when this will happen, but the PlayStation 5 is compatible with 8K displays from day one.

Uncharted 4-The best-looking PS4 game ever?

Uncharted 4 already looked incredible on PS4 (Photo: Sony)

When it comes to games, Sony The PlayStation Plus Collection is a compilation of some of PlayStation 4’s largest and best first-party and third-party games available to PS Plus subscribers.

Sony had previously shared a complete list with titles such as Uncharted 4 and Persona 5, but it wasn’t initially clear if these games would be upgraded for PlayStation 5.

“PS4 games played on PS5 in exchange for the PlayStation Plus collection have benefits such as faster loading speeds and improved or stabilized frame rates due to PS5 game boosts.”

Sony also makes it clear that the collection is available only while you subscribe to PS Plus. Therefore, you can’t expect to get a one-month subscription and keep the game forever.

The FAQ also addresses some details that were discovered and reported earlier today.

For starters, the new remote play app that came out on PlayStation 4 this morning. As many would expect, this app allows you to stream and play PlayStation 5 games on your PlayStation 4. You can also use Remote Play to access your PlayStation 5 from your PC or mobile device.

In addition, Sony addresses the fact that PlayStation 5 games cannot be stored on another USB drive and explains that they need to be on the internal SSD to work.

However, it will not be possible to play PlayStation 5 games from a USB drive, but it is said that it is considering changing this in a future update.

PlayStation 5 will be available in the UK on November 19th and outside Europe on November 12th.

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Massive PS5 FAQ confirms 8K resolution and other future plans

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