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what if?

What if Sam Darnold performed in these last two games as he did in Los Angeles on Sunday?

What if Jets abused his third-year quarterback and was as certain and decisive as he was? A shocking 23-20 upset victory More than Rams?

What if Darnold throws 300 yards and three touchdowns, doesn’t turn the ball inside out, and the Jets defeat the 10-4 Browns at the home finale at MetLife Stadium on Sunday?

What if he went to Foxborough, Massachusetts next week for a season finale and ghostly defended Bill Belichick’s Patriots?

What if Darnold’s 2020 resume comes to the end of the 3-13 season, but ends with a performance that has won three consecutive strong victories?

It was a meaningless three wins for Jets, but is it a meaningless performance by Darnold?

Before the Rams were upset, Jets was destined to finish 0-16, guaranteeing number one across draft topics and assuming a chance to opt for Trevor Lawrence in the Clemson quarterback.

With Lawrence, a “generational talent” who seems to be staring at them head-on in April, Jets made few decisions about what to do with Darnold. They will move on. Darnold will trade whatever Jets can get for a third year quarterback with a 12-24 record and 44 turnovers.

But what is it now?

Except for the unexpected stumbling block in the next two games (against Bears and Colts) by 1-13 Jaguar, who had Jets win in Los Angeles and Jacksonville owned the # 1 tiebreaker due to the strength of the schedule. If they get Lawrence.

Sam darnold
Sam darnold
Corey Shipkin

At the end of the season, Jets have to ask himself this question: they build around Darnold (who has done a poor job in the last three years) or of a college not named Trevor. Is it better to roll the dice in the quarterback? Lawrence?

Ohio State University’s Justin Fields dropped shares in a match against Northwestern University on Saturday. BYU’s Zach Wilson looked dynamic In a pointless bowl game with a pedestrian UCF team on Tuesday night. Is Kyle Trusk from Florida the answer? North Dakota Trailing?

What if Darnold shines this Sunday and next Sunday?

Will it change the story, or will it just be rejected as garbage time?

Jets remembers finishing 6-2 after starting 1-7 last season. What was it when the 2020 season began? Fool’s money.

“All games are important to the NFL’s reputation,” former Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum told the post Wednesday. “Look, they’ll have to make some important decisions during the off-season-especially starting with quarterbacks. The big problem many people will have about Sam is sales. Currently Sam Has had 44 turnovers since joining the NFL, the sixth most quarterback of the period.

“It’s the same as Daniel Jones,” Tanenbaum went on to mention the Giants’ second-year quarterback, which had sales problems. “When those young quarterbacks don’t turn the ball over, they both give their team a reasonable chance to win. Both teams have consistently seen it.”

But strange stats about Darnold: out of the beginning of his 36 careers, at 14 he hasn’t thrown intercepts, Jet is just 3-11.

This is a result of too many bad teams around Darnold, raising questions. Jets failed Darnold Is it more than Darnold failed Jets?

The answer to that question is: Yes.

However, it is not exempt from the fact that Darnold was not special and did not promote the players around him like the third-ranked draft topic.

But on Sunday in Los Angeles, Darnold did it. His quick and correct decision was the difference in the game. Was it a hot pot flash, a radar blip? Or is it a sign that he’s starting to understand it?

“I thought Sam looked really good Sunday to Rams,” Tanenbaum said. “He was decisive and accurate. It was a very encouraging performance.”

It was the fifth match of the season to have three top receivers, Jamison Clouder, Breshad Perryman and Denzel Maimusu, on the field at the same time.

Head coach Adam Gace was asked on Wednesday what Darnold’s “next step” was.

“Keep playing such a game,” Gase said, referring to the Rams game.

Three years after his career, when asked why Darnold hadn’t been clicked yet, Gase said: “It has a little to do with the people around him and the consistency there. You see some of these quarterbacks playing with the same receiver and with people of the same skill. It’s him. It will be a good start for you — to have some consistency with the roster. “

Of course, the question is which roster Darnold will be in 2021.

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Large-scale Sam Darnold what-if could dramatically change Jets’ future Large-scale Sam Darnold what-if could dramatically change Jets’ future

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