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WWE has released the SmackDown star Wrath Sullivan.

by PW Insider, Lars Sullivan was quietly released last month, and WWE officials confirmed he was no longer in the company.

Sullivan signed with WWE in 2013 and spent time training development programs. In 2015, Sullivan made his WWE debut in a match at Wrestlemania Axxess. After that, before making his debut on TV in 2017, he made a number of appearances at NXT’s live events.

In 2019, Sullivan was accused of making an offensive post on an online forum a few years ago. In response, Sullivan apologized and was fined $ 100,000 by WWE. He had to complete sensitivity training.

That same year, Sullivan suffered a knee injury and kept it on the shelf until October last year. He hasn’t been seen since WWE programming.

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Lars Sullivan Released on WWE Lars Sullivan Released on WWE

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