Last Blade: Beyond the Fate Review-Sharp like a Blade

The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny is a particularly interesting fighter that uses numerous unique characters, attractive simple visuals, and tight gameplay to create fun flashbacks for fighting games.

Last blade: Beyond fate
Developer: SNK
Price: $ 8
Platform: Nintendo Switch (reviewed)
Monster Vine provided a switch code for review

As I said during the review SNK Gal Fighters A few months ago, I’m always going to play Neo Geo classics, especially pocket-colored titles. The platform has this fascinating and original style that is hard to find anywhere else.One game that encapsulates this atmosphere Last blade: Beyond fateAn easy-to-understand but exciting title that acts as another great little fighter on Switch.

Beyond fate Let the player choose one of several characters from the late Tokugawa period. Something is wrong with the guardian of the post-mortem world and the Gates of Hell that separates the living from the dead. After fighting the enemy gauntlet, when the sky opens between the world, you will face Shinnosuke Kagami. Some of the shortcut scenes you get are very well animated, and the story is a fun and simple reason to cross the sword with the cast of eclectic characters.

Combat is similar to other SNK fighters (all normal motion inputs apply), but the length of the button press changes the movement of a particular character. It’s very satisfying to stop the secret slash attack with sharp art when the character attacks.For older handheld consoles, playing is a very enjoyable experience Beyond fate.. Combat feels smooth and fast, but special attacks and blockbusters are reasonably heavy. Participating in the game is fairly easy as there are no gimmicks to learn. In addition, all characters have different play styles, and each playthrough in story mode feels fresh.

“”I was impressed with the amount of fun content that can be unlocked with Beyond fate, Because I wanted to keep playing the game throughout my time.“”

like Gal Fighters, There are a lot of things to unlock and you can keep playing for quite some time. There are characters, endings, fun mini-games, and more, and you can experience the story mode with each character.I was impressed with the amount of fun content that can be unlocked with Beyond fate, Because I wanted to keep playing the game throughout my time. If that’s not enough, there’s a creative VS mode where you can split the switch screen vertically in two and play against your friends.

There are many fun ways to customize and change your experience Beyond fateFrom multicolored patterned NEO GEO pocket frames to old-fashioned screen filters that I’d rather appreciate. If it is difficult to match, you can rewind the set number of frames. This is a good touch for accessibility. The second half of the story mode is an overall useful feature, especially since it can be difficult for beginners to fighters.

Visual and sound Beyond fate Great, especially considering the console limitations. As mentioned earlier, some cutscenes look very good, as do sprites and stages. With such a small console, much happens on the screen without being too busy. The lively stage is upgraded with jam music that matches the tone of the game.

The last word
The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny is a simple yet completely fun fighter that takes full advantage of unlockables, visuals and soundtracks. This is the perfect type of game for Switch, and fighting game enthusiasts are highly encouraged to try it out.

MonsterVine Review Score: 4 out of 5 stars – good

The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny Review – Sharp as a Blade

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