Last Oasis has been redesigned in Season 2

It has been redesigned because the MMO game Last Oasis had to be removed about eight months after it was first released. Season 2 of the survival game begins today, with developer Donkey Crew listing many of the changes and why.

In a post from the Steam community, the team will do a post-mortem analysis of where Season 1 failed and how Season 2 performance is improving. Wide strokes include a wide range of rebalancing to readjust spawn points, vehicles, etc., visual elements such as not showing the type of repairs you are performing to something, and improved quality of life. This is a long list, making it clear that developers are committed to refreshing the entire game when they think it is needed.

“It’s undeniable that last season wasn’t good enough for many players, and leaving players is the most honest feedback we can get as a developer,” the post reads. “It was immediately apparent – ​​Last Oasis doesn’t require any tweaks. It requires a complete overhaul and drastic changes. I got my hands dirty and the result is Season 2.”

Last Oasis first hit Steam Early Access in March, jumped directly to Steam’s top-selling list, and then implosed and removed. As a token of good faith, the developers gave a full refund to those who didn’t want to wait for the game to return, and the community warmly responded that they were waiting for the return of the Last Oasis.

This is Season 2 bullying.

The server is running again at 08:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT, so when reading this. Last Oasis is here.

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