Last of Us director Neil Druckmann becomes co-president of Naughty Dog

Patrick Dane, Saturday, December 5, 2020 09:01 GMT

One of the biggest creative names in the game currently runs one of the biggest developers.

Neil Druckmann, director of games such as The Last of Us and Uncharted 4, has seen a big promotion co-president of Naughty Dog.

Having acted as one of the leading creative leads in the studio for years, he found himself running a company alongside Evan Wells.

The announcement came from Wells in a blog post outlining what’s happening in the studio. Dragman has been in the studio since 2004 and was promoted to Vice President of the company three years ago. He oversees The Last of Us, Uncharted 4, and The Last of Us 2.

Elsewhere, Alison Mori and Christian Garling have been promoted to vacant vice presidential positions. Mori was previously the Operations Director. Gyrling has been promoted from the position of co-director of programming.

In Wells’ post, he adds: “Naughty Dog has a great team and being able to work with everyone has made a lot of sense lately. I’m proud of the team when I was able to recognize their achievements and contributions to the studio. Please join us. Congratulations! “

Dragman used Twitter to reveal that he was still directing and writing for the studio. But he hinted that he wanted to develop a new talent. He tweeted:

While this is unlikely to have a significant impact on consumers, it is certain that Dragman is likely to remain in the company for the foreseeable future. That should be welcome news for Naughty Dog fans.

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The Last of Us director Neil Druckmann is now Naughty Dog’s co-president

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