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Along Luis Torres, Staff writer

Daytona Beach, Florida-The Ray Race massacre led to the second race of the Blue Green Duel after midnight on the Daytona International Speedway.

After all, the biggest benefactor was Kazu Glara. Not only did he win a free pass, but David Ragan finished in 8th place, with the 2017 track series Daytona winner making his first 500 appearances.

On lap 56, Garrett Smithley made a strong run on the field towards Turn 1. His scenario was that he had to be a top open car to start his first Daytona 500.

However, when Brad Keselowski closed the door, his powerful run stopped and brought an accordion effect to the field. Noah Gragson, who had to be the top open car finisher to make the 500, was quickly recruited.

Other drivers involved included Rothschild Stain and William Byron, who had one of the strongest cars on the grid. Gragson has no sigh of relief as his No. 62 Beard Motorsports Chevrolet was pancakeed while two of them were at 500.

It leaves him with no other choice and accepts that his cup series debut has to wait again, getting out of his struck machine. After the death of owner Mark Beard Sr. earlier this month, the team was hit hard.

Smithley approached Keserowski on the radio and expressed dissatisfaction with returning the car to the pit road. Some repairs were done, but they simply timed out as the No. 13 MBM Motorsports crew had to pit in before the final restart.

Therefore, Smithley made 43 starts each and missed his first cup start in his career. For the Karllong-owned team, neither car will run Mecca for 200 laps as Timmy Hill failed to qualify for Thursday night’s No. 1 duel race.

Glara had to rest assured after taking his No. 16 Kauri Glacing Chevrolet home on the 14th. More importantly, take the 40th final spot on Sunday’s 63rd run of the Daytona 500.

Grala, caught up in a previous crash in a backstretch with Smithley, Anthony Alfredo and Chase Briscoe, had to expect a miracle to make the 500.

Fortunately from Massachusetts, he has granted his wish and will start the Second Cup this Sunday. Also, the Kauri Graceing partnership is still in its infancy, so it will appear twice in a row in the Great American Race.

He rolls off in the 20th and last row alongside Austin Sindrick. Austin Sindrick achieved 500 qualifying speeds thanks to Lyamp Lease’s top convertible.

This story will be updated as citations from Glara become available.

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Late Race Crashland Glara Daytona 500 Spots – Motorsport Tribune Late Race Crashland Glara Daytona 500 Spots – Motorsport Tribune

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