Latest patch for Cyberpunk 2077 resolves PC save file size limit

v Jump into Cyberpunk 2077

You see, it was a rough few weeks. Let’s laugh unrelated to the appearance of a stupid V jumping in a third person.
screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku

It’s not a secret Cyberpunk 2077 Especially on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, I’m suffering from a lot of technical issues. Today, CD Projekt Red has released another fix for the problematic game, including a seemingly arbitrary file size limit set on PC save files. ..

So Kotaku Australia report, PC player can confirm that the saved data is corrupted when the saved file exceeds 8MB. The endless quest for cash has proven to be a major factor in reaching that limit.Seems to be due to in-game item creation and disassembly cyber punk Save the files to swell in the process, and if they reach that 8MB limit, the game is over.Today’s 1.06 hotfix This claims to prevent it from happening on your PC in the future, but already damaged storage will not be recovered.

Console player — the person who had the worst experience cyber punkProblem — You should feel at ease. Today’s patch should “improve memory management and stability” and hopefully “less crashes”. CD Projekt Red doesn’t name a particular crash, but the patch is pretty big. For example, the Xbox version works at 15.3GB.

It was certainly a torrent-2 weeks was rapid Cyberpunk 2077.. December 14, CDPR apology We offered game refunds for substandard game conditions on previous generation consoles and took players to the Sony and Microsoft digital marketplaces.However, ensure such a refund It was another problem, Sony refused to publish altogether, Microsoft is playing with inconsistent rules. Late last week, Sony reversed the course and Pulled the game We offer players a full refund of the game from the PlayStation Store. (My own refund took 4 days to complete.) Microsoft Follow suit.. GameStop too, Contrary to retailers’ long-standing policy of refusing refunds to players trying to return open games.

In the short and medium term, CDPR promises that “two big patches” will appear in the game in January and February. Nevertheless, the game is reportedly very financially successful. CDPR Estimate Cyberpunk 2077 Has sold 13 million copies. This may or may not explain all refunds issued.


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