Launch of the Xbox Series X | S, the “largest in Xbox history”

Champagne is on track with the Xbox as executive Phil Spencer reveals that the Xbox Series X | S is the largest launch in the company’s history.

According to a tweet sent last night, Spencer revealed that more units were sold in more countries than previous Xbox consoles in the first 24 hours after the console was sold. As a result, the company is said to be working with retailers to replenish both console units “as soon as possible.”

But despite the good news, the Xbox certainly doesn’t settle for their glory.Spencer said in an interview released yesterday that he wouldn’t give the Guardian the exact numbers, “I don’t want to focus the team on. [console sales].. The main result of all the work we do is the number of players we see and how often they play. That’s what drives the Xbox. “

“When we start emphasizing something else, both publicly and internally, it changes our focus,” he continued. “The ones that aren’t backwards compatible aren’t fun. Putting our games on the PC is why someone doesn’t have to buy the Xbox Series X. I stick with this. We’re players I’ll publish the number. That’s the problem. I want us to move, not how many individual plastics we sold. ”

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