Launched on Gunsmith Shooting PC in Q2 2021

Since debuting in May 2018 Seacorp Technologies Industrial Management Sim Announced Gunsmith In the second quarter of 2021, it will be rolled out of Early Access for a full release on PC.

To celebrate the announcement, the studio has two more good news. One is a whole new, significant update that blows away how players can open up the factory to build and customize what they’re already involved in. Secondly, Gunsmith 50% off Steam prices for 48 hours on Friday, December 4th.

This sale serves as a perfect starting point for new entrants. GunsmithA management brand that charges players by establishing their own weapons manufacturing company. Gunsmith provides the tools to create your own weapons empire, from building a factory from scratch to selling goods to selected people.

With the latest update, also released on Friday, December 4, players will create factories one by one, build walls, windows, doorways, lay custom flooring, and design production lines to suit their own ideals. I can do it. Acting as a major leap from the current all-purpose factory approach, players can experiment with over 100 assets as they take the first step towards weapons manufacturing.

“It’s exciting to see the player base grow in the last year and a half. I think this new update will be even more fun for both current and new players, with a 48-hour sale.” Says founder Richard Seabrook.. “We know that management fans love to take charge of the game’s production line, but Gunsmith doesn’t hesitate to take responsibility for where the weapons reach the door.

“The game not only tracks how many people died as a direct result of sales, but also monitors who they are dealing with through the infamous system. You can expect to make money from the sale and lose your reputation as quickly as you make a profit. “

Gunsmith Now available in Steam Early Access: https: //

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Gunsmith Shooting for Q2 2021 Launch on PC

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