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Intel Beginning in 2021 and yet another in 2020 Serie A Victory against the threat of demotion Crotone..

Lautaro Martinez accomplishes a hat-trick Romelu Lukaku Nerazzurri won the league title eight times in a row and put pressure on his fellow title challenger, Milan, to score one and score one.

So who was the outstanding performer?

Intel 6-2 Crotone: Player Ratings, Match Statistics, Player Statistics

✔️ Good results

Romelu Lukaku: 8.1

The Belgian prolific campaign continued on Sunday, where he finished 12th. Serie A 18th in goals and all competitions this season. This shows that he is (at least temporarily) participating in Cristiano Ronaldo at the top of the Capocannoniere chart.

He comfortably finished his one-on-one chance after encountering Alessandro Bastoni’s long pass.

Lukaku also provided assistance as strike partner Lautaro showed why they were considered the best offensive pair in Europe after holding down the defenders.

He was also involved in Lautaro’s move to the second goal, but was slightly injured with 15 minutes remaining.

Poor performance

Arturo Vidal: 5.8

Not for the first time this season, Vidal performed disappointingly.When Intel Leading 2-1 and his rash foul is talented Crotone Penalty for leveling the score 2-2.

Antonio Conte then pulled him apart in half-time and Intel They finally won 6-2, so it improved a lot without him.

But Intel Since arriving from Barcelona last summer, Vidal has won eight games.


Lautaro Martinez: 10

A perfect 10 rating for Argentina, who achieved a stunning hat-trick at San Siro.

One of the game’s most natural finishers, Lautaro first leveled the score with a strong finish assisted by Lukaku.

He was deeply involved in the move to see Luca Marrone pass his own goal before Argentina revived. IntelLead in the second half with a clinical finish from Marcelo Brozović’s pass.

Lautaro completed a hat-trick with a poacher’s goal and returned home after reacting to the rebound earliest.

He put 7 shots and 10 touches of Game High in the box Intel Achieve 40 goals in just 15 Serie A Match.

Intel 6-2 Crotone: Player Ratings, Match Statistics, Player Statistics

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Lautaro and Lukaku riot Lautaro and Lukaku riot

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