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Lazza’s Logistics Lands New UD Quon 8×4 Fleet

Agitator specialist Lazza’s Logistics switched to UD Trucks and made the splash that way.

A Queensland-based subcontractor recently acquired ownership of 10 new 8×4 UD Quons used by key clients such as Holcim and Hy-TEC.

Owners Larry and Carla White prioritize safety and productivity as part of the foundation that defines 20 years of business success.

The Quon CG30360PAA 8×4 is the first UD Trucks company to buy.

The belief in the product is like they have already promised to order 10 units.

“Our trucks carry cement cargo and make numerous drop-offs between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, so we need a safe, reliable and efficient vehicle,” says Larry White.

Quon is equipped with safety features such as disc brakes, traffic eye breaks, lane departure warning systems, and electronic stability control, all designed to ensure the safety of drivers and other road users. I will.

“Our priority is to ensure that the driver returns safely to his family at the end of the day,” said Carla White.

In addition to safety, UD Trucks emphasizes environmental friendliness, and 8-liter Quon offers many features that work together to maximize fuel savings, such as ECO mode, adaptive cruise control, and ESCOT rolls. I will.

The high-strength steel chassis frame and low tare weight help increase the payload, and the 8×4 Quon features an ESCOT-VI automatic manual transmission, which is also expected to improve driver comfort.

Lauren Downs, vice president of UD Trucks Sales, said the value of the brand provided a good strategic fit with Raza’s logistics business.

“We hope to celebrate our joint success with the latest product offerings,” she said in a statement.

Lazza’s Logistics Lands New UD Quon 8×4 Fleet Lazza’s Logistics Lands New UD Quon 8×4 Fleet

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