League of Legends Tam Kenchi’s rework could land in time for the next pro season

Riot Phlox, a member of the League of Legends design team, briefly described Tahm Kench’s upcoming rework. The champion, whose solo cue viability has plummeted while remaining ubiquitous in professional play, will be re-released in time for the new pro season in January.

In response to a Reddit thread asking when Tahm’s rework will arrive, Phlox demonstrates the studio’s intention to roll out the re-release in time for the resumption of Pro Play in January, which is concrete. I admit that it is not a good timeline. “Therefore, when the preseason is (more) calm and we have time to finish the work and allocate resources, TK will start over again,” Phlox’s post reads. “I really want to get it out before the pros resume, but sadly I can’t hit the timeline here.”

The riot first clarified Debonair’s plans in June with a simple idea of ​​gameplay. The post acknowledges his kit issue, a semi-global ultimate (R) Abyssal Voyage that shines in tuned mapplay but suffers in a solo environment, and Riot repositions some in studio tests. The environment that points out that you have done.

Temporarily, Tahm’s (W) Devour will replace (R) Abyssal Voyage, but there are some additional buffs. “It not only does more damage to enemies you might manage to eat, but also better protects the allies you’re trying to do. They’re shields and don’t slow you down.” Has revealed.

Term (W), on the other hand, is a “faster, shorter-range personal abyssal voyage that damages and knocks up enemies upon arrival.” This sounds like a modified version of Lexai’s burrow and tunnel mechanics. In addition to these changes, Riot has also tested (Q) Tongue Lash’s self-healing, which not only allows Tongue Lash to stack (P) the flavors it has acquired, but also “fully stacked.”

It’s still a long way to see the new and hopefully improved Kenchi off the bench, but at least when Rel finally gets to the lift, a brand new champion will be released in League of Legends patch 10.25. I’m about to see.

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