Learn a new language for less than $ 200 with a Babbel lifetime subscription

Learning a new language is one of the most rewarding efforts that anyone can pursue. When learning another language, you not only learn to talk to people from different places, but also to understand them and their culture, which gives you greater appreciation for the foreign media. May give.

However, studying a language can be daunting. This is a process and, like any other process, requires dedication and appropriate resources. Finding these resources has never been easier than a Babbel lifetime subscription.

Babbel is a leading language learning software. With over 10 million users worldwide, over 550,000 reviews on the Google Play store (average 4.5 stars), and over 180,000 reviews on the App Store (average 4.6 stars), Babbel is a language learning app. Most popular as. Total sales. Today, you can get a lifetime subscription to all Babbel languages ​​for just $ 199 and start at $ 499 (a 60% savings).

Babbel was developed by a team of over 100 professional linguists. They studied how to learn a language and isolated the best way to teach it. Subscribers will learn hands-on speech on their own schedule in bite-sized 10-15 minute lessons. In just one month, users can confidently talk about a variety of topics, including transportation, shopping, and dining.

Babbel offers thousands of hours of lessons in 14 languages, all of which are included in this lifetime subscription. Users love Babbel for its effectiveness and intuitive usage, with one subscriber commenting. “It’s nicely organized, very thorough and instructively designed. I have other language techniques, which are good, but have reached what Babel offers. not.”

Get along with that New Year’s resolution (or the next 13) and learn a new language in the most convenient way with Babbel’s lifetime subscription. It currently sells for only $ 199.

Prices are subject to change.

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