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Learn how to encrypt your iPhone or iPad native backup in the home window

Most people move their iPhones and iPads to iCloud again, but it’s still not completely personal. Apple always keeps things important, which can help if you forget your password. If you need a very secure gadget backup and you have a home window machine, you will need iTunes. (Mac customers can access it again from the Finder.) Here’s how.

Find out how to make a native backup encrypted with iTunes

First, set up the iTunes for Home window if you don’t already have it. With Microsoft Retailer for Home Windows 10, you may be able to get it without a dime. Once in, launch iTunes.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Home Window 10 PC using the appropriate USB-Lightning cable. If you are asked if you need to allow your PC to enter gadgets,[続行]Click.

When the gadget requests, enter the passcode on the display screen of your iPhone or iPad to believe in your PC. When your PC sees the gadget, you’ll see a small gadget icon (looks like an iPhone or iPad) in the toolbar. Click.

You’ll be taken to the iTunes display screen with general details about your gadget (if you don’t see it, in the sidebar[要約]Click). In the backup part,[Routinely Again Up]Find the header and check it. Next to “Native Backup Encryption”.

If you look in the field, iTunes will prompt you for your password. This password unlocks the encrypted backup sooner or later, so enter a robust backup and don’t ignore it (or put it in your password supervisor).

caveat: If you ignore this password, you will not be able to restore the backup or enter its contents in other cases.

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Then find the “Manually Reboot and Restore” section and click the “Reboot Now” button.

Assuming you have enough vacant homes on your Home Windows PC, the backup will start. You probably have enough knowledge about your iPhone or iPad, backup may take some time, so influence the affected people. When the methods are full, you may be able to safely disconnect your iPhone or iPad from your PC.

Find out how to restore an encrypted iPhone or iPad backup

To restore an encrypted iPhone or iPad backup on your Home Windows 10 PC, launch iTunes and connect your gadget. Click the gadget icon in the iTunes toolbar that looks like an iPhone or iPad.

On the gadget’s abstract web page, find the “Manually restart and restore” part. Click the “Restore Backup” button.

In the pop-up window, iTunes will ask you to select the backup you want to restore. Select what you need to restore from the drop-down menu[復元]Click.

The backup is encrypted, so iTunes will then prompt you for the backup password. This is the password you set earlier when you first created the encrypted backup (see above). Sort the passwords and click OK.

ITunes then restores the backup to your gadget. Those who are affected as it may take some time. When you’re done, you can safely remove your iPhone or iPad from your PC.

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Learn how to encrypt your iPhone or iPad native backup in the home window Learn how to encrypt your iPhone or iPad native backup in the home window

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