Learn more about Rainbow Six Siege on PlayStation 5

Ubisoft visited the PlayStation Blog to talk about future improvements to the PlayStation 5 version. Rainbow Six Siege, It will be available on December 1st and will start with Season 4 of the 5th year!

PlayStation 5 players can enjoy hi-fi and multiple options to prioritize performance and resolution. Of course, you need to make sure it’s compatible with your TV.

  • Performance mode: Target 120fps with 4k dynamic resolution scaling
  • Resolution mode: Target 60fps at 4k resolution
  • Activity card support For ranked, unranked, newcomers, quick matches, and events, players can jump into the game quickly.

Ubisoft states that the power of graphics behind the PlayStation 5 can provide better lighting, better depth of field, and lots of new details on each map.

Performance mode targets 120 frames per second, but you won’t be able to achieve this frame rate unless your TV supports it. And thanks to the SSD that powers the PlayStation 5, you can load the map almost instantly and jump to the game quickly.

The most interesting part of this update is the DualSense implementation that Ubisoft is working on. By adopting a controller, developers worked towards a better immersive feeling.

Thanks to the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers, squeezing the R2 trigger emulates the resistance of the actual trigger, giving each weapon category and shooting gadget a unique feel. For example, adaptive trigger resistance is light and fast for pistols and heavy for large and powerful weapons such as light machine guns. Players can also feel the difference between single-shot and fully automatic for complete immersion.

Finally, if you own the game on your PlayStation 4, the update is free and all progress and in-game items will be migrated together.


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