Learn more about the new Aquatic Stellaris DLC

At the beginning of the week, Paradox announced two new Grand strategy game Expansion – EU4 Origins Immersion Pack, And Aquatics seed packs for Stellaris. In today’s development diary, the Stellaris team goes a little further from the usual view of improving new patches and talks a bit more about the new features they contain. Stellaris DLC..

A complete list of new features includes 16 new portraits (including robot portraits), a new water-themed ship set, two new origins, new citizens, “aquatic” species features, and the first Includes seed pack, new ascension perks. One of the new origins is called “Here be Dragons” and your empire begins with a unique symbiotic relationship with Ether Drake. tl; dr means that this pseudo-guardian protects your hometown, but only if you keep it happy.

Think about the origin Like a clone trooper Introduced in the last patch of the Humanoid Pack, the development team seems to be looking for a new and creative “back story” to create the empire. Another origin, “Ocean Paradise,” can be combined with new Ascension Parks and species traits to give marine species a very powerful start to strategic games.

The trailer for the announcement of the expansion is:

According to the diary, Dolphinoid has been a bit of a wishlist feature for some time. It has been used as an example of design meetings even before the game started in 2016.

The release date for this extension has not yet been announced.I know there is a new patch Scheduled for NovemberAnd again in February of next year, anyone can guess where this new DLC will fit so far.

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