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Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida tweeted a photo and introduced for the first time a PlayStation 5 camera adapter that allows the PlayStation 4 camera to be used in a new console. The new PS5 camera does not work with PSV, so if you want to use PlayStation VR with PS5, you need an adapter. This is a very ridiculous decision by Sony.

The adapter runs out on the console’s USB port and another port used by the PSVR headset, which is half of the console’s four ports used by the PSVR. The PS5 has three USB-A ports, one on the front of the console, two on the back, and one on the front.

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The release of the PlayStation 5 camera adapter didn’t work because the site couldn’t register the capture and details, but everything seems to be working fine and can be obtained by visiting the PlayStation website.

The PlayStation 5 camera adapter may be the only kit available in the near future if you plan to receive a console from a high street retailer. The UK seems to be heading for Lockdown 2: Electric Booglaloo. This means that GAME, PlayStation 4, and other stores will be closed when the Xbox Series X is actually released.

Sony recently announced accessibility options that will be built into the PlayStation 5 system software at launch, further expanding with the wide range of options already available for PlayStation 4.

Includes text-to-speech, inverted colors, custom button assignments, etc., but the PS5 also has voice dictation via a DualSense controller or other connected microphone, screen reader functionality to speak text on screen, and text-to-speech for party chat. Offers. .. It also has the ability to set color corrections that allow users to adjust colors at the system level and presets that automatically load supported games at startup.

Of course, this also applies to DualSense controllers. On the PS5, just as you can turn off the PS4’s DualShock 4 rumble feature, you can reduce or completely disable the tactile feedback and adaptive triggers built into the controller.

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