Learn to say no to alternatives

Everyone knows how some kind of calligraphy became a place of innovation for Steve Jobs, who introduced humanity to “the first computer with beautiful typography.”

Or, while walking, Nikola Tesla came up with a groundbreaking idea for a brushless AC motor.
These were two notable gentlemen who lived centuries apart, but they had one thing in common. They had a big dream!

Some, like Jobs and Tesla, are entrepreneurial, ambitious and thought-provoking. However, the difference between those who could and couldn’t realize the idea is the concept of “alternatives”.

Saying “no” to your choices creates a monotonous (obsessed with a single idea) focus space, and focusing as we know it is the key to success.

“Build your life around a few important people. Distractions dilute your genius.” – Robin Sharma

You may be a genius with many ideas, but the moment you start thinking about the line of choice, your ideas lose their potential.


If you have multiple ideas, you instinctively start working on them. All at once. This creates restlessness in us. It chokes our thoughts, hurt our behavior, and instead encourages us to deal with unnecessary problems.

That is the point where we are obsessed with multitasking myths. It looks like we’re working on multiple ideas, but we’re wasting a lot of time.

Therefore, there are some tricks to prevent you from getting stuck.

1Do the hardest thing first

In his book author Brian Tracy, Eat that frog, Explain that it’s very easy to absorb the focus of Monomania, as you can write down all the tasks, look at them, pick the scariest ones, and perform the most difficult tasks, and nothing else can shake you. Did.

Probably why it was Arjuna (one of the main characters in Indian epic) Mahabharata) A person who could see the reflection of the fish in the water and hit the arrow straight up to hit the corn. His level of focus was such that he could not be shaken off from his goal of hitting the eyes of a spinning fish.

2Beware of multitasking myths

Multitasking means ruining several things at once. It’s like sitting in a history class and thinking about math. Instead, spending more time on one task will help you polish your craft faster.

For the longest time in my life and career, I have been known as an efficient multitasker. However, all these experiences have found that multitasking undermines the quality index of any job. It is none other than the ability to apply the power of intellect and emotion to create something.

And this all has a negative effect on you over the years.

3Regenerate and maintain your energy

You need to have a lot of energy to focus, and the best way to regenerate energy is to take breaks from time to time and spend some “my time”.

As a pioneer of global organization, a business advisor and an entrepreneurial coach, I am always surrounded by people and meetings.

After the pandemic, my meetings never diminished, but they moved their foundations to virtual platforms. This meant more time near the system and on my phone. The process tires me, but instead of doing technical things, I meditate early in the morning and regenerate my energy by going for a walk with my wife every morning and evening. In addition to the usual espresso round, it is calm and keeps my spirit high all day long.

FourAlways remember your ultimate goal

It is clear that it is diverted to everyday trivial matters. Therefore, set reminders on a regular basis. Don’t just create your own deadline, but be conservative and keep it. This builds your confidence and keeps you centered.

In the olden days, Brahmin scholars (Hindu professors, teachers, priests working class) used to tie the tips of their hair to the nails on the wall. This is to prevent them from falling asleep while studying. They used to read chapters aloud, and that’s how they were able to keep in mind the entire Shloka book.

There is a saying “When the situation gets tougher, it gets tougher.”

So, if you dare to think big, first learn not to make room for alternatives.

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Author: Rajshree Gulhane

Sanjay Sehgal has been Chairman and CEO of MSys Technologies since 2007. MSysTechnologies is one of the most consistent and trusted companies in product engineering services and digital transformation projects for ISVs and enterprise customers. Get acquainted with him at Sehgalnotes.


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