LeBron James, Bugs Bunny and Xbox Invite Fans to Create Space Jam: New Legacy Video Game

With Microsoft Space Jam: New Legacy We have a grand partnership for the 2021 movie release. Celebrating the new movie, Xbox, Bugs Bunny, and LeBron James will work together to help create an original arcade-style video game inspired by the new movie. ..

Just announced on social, we are looking for the best video game ideas from our fans. From December 14th to December 30th, fans over the age of 14 will be able to submit game ideas that will be slam dunks on the official contest website. All you have to do is check the official rules, use the key images to select the selected game genre, and explain your game ideas in less than 500 words.

The two lucky winners will officially realize their ideas. Space Jam: New Legacy Arcade style video game. Available in 2021 as the latest perk for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. Winners will also receive the following prizes: The name on the game credits. Exclusive winner bundle, including signed and certified LeBron James memorabilia, Space Jam: New Legacy Goods and Nike VIP packs, and personalized Xbox Series S consoles.Screening of personal friends and family in the movie; A virtual Microsoft coding workshop for the local community.

Microsoft Stores offers unique, free hosting to help coders of all ages start their creativity. Space Jam: New Legacy-Thematic virtual workshops on creating video games. Students will use block-based coding on the MakeCode Arcade platform to create playable prototypes of video games and learn about professional skills related to game design and STEAM’s career.

Thematic coding workshops are available online at You can also find additional resources and other free workshops to teach new skills and keep kids entertained during this holiday season on the Virtual Student Workshops page on

In addition, there are two Microsoft Learn lessons for experienced coders, teens and older high school students, college students, and adults, and how coaches use player statistics to make real-time decisions in the middle of the game. Focuses on. In the first lesson, you can use data from humans and Tune Squad basketball players to predict efficiency ratings with machine learning and Visual Studio Code. The second lesson involves building a web app that uses additional machine learning models in real time. This allows coaches to determine who needs a water break and who is most likely to join and win the game. Do you think you have what you need to lead your dream team?

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LeBron James and co-stars Don Cheadle and Cedric Joe will assist you with an introduction to the Microsoft Store and short video learning lessons focused on the power of computer science and coding. In the movie, Joe plays Dom, the son of James, who dreams of becoming a video game developer.

We are very excited to work together Space Jam: New Legacy To support computer science education. Our video game contest, along with coding workshops and lessons, is in line with Microsoft’s better skills initiatives. This initiative aims to help 25 million people, including those undervalued, learn new digital skills and apply them to their passions.

Microsoft and Warner Brothers have more exciting news to share in the coming months prior to their official release Space Jam: New Legacy Movies and video games In 2021.

LeBron James, Bugs Bunny, and Xbox Invite Fans to Create a Space Jam: A New Legacy Video Game

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