Left 4 Dead Spiritual Sequel Back 4 Blood Delayed Until October

Back 4 Blood – Going back to fall, more similar (Photo: WB Games)

Back 4 Blood is the latest promising video game that suffers a huge delay, but there will be a public beta this summer to make up for it.

It becomes a routine almost every day and lists all the games that are late. In fact, we already have one today. Sega’s humans are late from April to October.

Back 4 Blood was originally scheduled to be released on June 22nd, but is currently suffering from a similarly significant stagnation as it will not be released until October 12th.

As usual, the reason for the delay was the coronavirus, and developer TurtleRock admits that “it definitely slowed things down for us.”

“We all know how excited we are about the title and want to do it, and by not all of you rushing it out,” read the studio’s Twitter account. I will.

This game was a lot of fun to play in the closed alpha version last December. There, except for the name, it actually proved to be Left 4 Dead 3.

This is not surprising given that Turtle Rock created the original Left 4 Dead game and then tackled the rather unsuccessful Evolve.

Back 4 Blood is Warner Bros. Published by, it has significantly promoted open beta marketing and will finally be released this fall.

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Left 4 Dead spiritual sequel Back 4 Blood delayed until October

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