Legend Bowl Update adds audible sound, improved defense and more

The latest update to Legend Bowl adds audible sound, improved defenses, and more, based on community feedback. Players can now edit team information and settings such as team name, city, stadium, grass type, weather, and more.

You can use the Y button (XBOX) or the “W” key to display a new audible screen. If you want to keep the current playback, you can cancel the audible screen by selecting the same button. Once you change the original play, you cannot undo it. Be careful when recalling audible, as you must choose one of four audible playbacks.

Defenders sometimes allowed large play because the strafing was too long to keep up with the assigned receiver. The defender will now be able to turn around and catch up with the receiver and play more intelligently to avoid these huge plays. This update also intercepts and splits the path at a higher rate.

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The patch notes for the latest update are: Notably, he recommends backing up your roster file to save your mods.

  • Offensive and defensive audible sounds can now be recalled during the pre-snap sequence.
  • You can now edit in-game cities, names, stadiums, lawns, and more on the new team settings page.
  • Fixed the longest path stats popup that shows the yards going through instead of passing long stats.
  • Kick-off and kick-returner players are now executed based on the direction of the play call (left, center, right).
  • To avoid game delays due to the huddle sequence taking too long, the CPU will automatically skip if the play clock is less than 10 seconds.
  • Team logo rebuilt to be compiled in-game to improve performance when not using custom rosters.
  • Fixed an issue where players would move to the wrong location during the post-huddle scrimmage alignment phase.
  • Fixed an issue where tapping the sprint button during GASSED would also allow sprinting.
  • Enhanced defensive coverage for more pass cuts and pass breakups.
  • Screen playback is now displayed in purple instead of the same orange to make a clearer distinction between run and screen playback.
  • Team play call stats have been improved for more accurate stats tracking of plays called during the game.
  • By default, the setting has been changed to normal difficulty.
  • Other bugs and fixes.

Legend Bowl is available as an early access game on Steam $ 19.99.

Legend Bowl Update adds audible sound, improved defense and more

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