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Get ready, hunter! This is Mantisco. We are pleased to announce the closed beta version of Hunter’s Arena on PS5 and PS4 on May 14th.

A new era of battle royale, Hunters Arena

For those new to the game, Hunter’s Arena is a 30-player PvP & PvE combat-based battle royale set in an ancient demon hunter. In this dangerous world, you become a hunter who has to fight the forbidden demons that began to appear when the long-forgotten seal was broken. Watch out for other hunters. It’s also a well-known fact that everyone except your hunter has broken the seal. With no one to trust, you need to defeat everything that crosses your path and put an end to the turmoil in the Hunters Arena.

PvP & PvE

We are delighted to bring you a fresh style of battle royale experience in our games. We focused on providing a fun experience for both players who prefer to participate in PvP and those who are devoted to exploration in PvE environments. At the Hunters Arena, you can not only fight each other, but also enter high-risk, high-paying dungeons. You may encounter boss demons, kill them, collect powerful items and level up faster than others in the dungeon. We encourage you to choose your strategy wisely to gain an edge on your path to victory.


In the upcoming closed beta, you’ll be able to choose from 12 different hunters, each with unique and powerful skills and swordsmanship. We are excited to finally show you our unique hunter. Favorite hunters on our team include Tau and Samjan. Tau is a Demi Beast Hunter, which can do a lot of great damage despite its cute furry look. Samjan is our other favorite hunter, essentially an Afro monk. He came to the Hunters Arena and brought peace to the people, but be aware that his way of recovering the world involves summoning a giant Buddha’s hand to the enemy!

Battles that are easy to learn and difficult to learn

The Hunters Arena makes it easy for players unfamiliar with the game to take part in dynamic battles. However, when faced with stronger and smarter enemies, be prepared for strategic mind games and various tricks on the enemy’s sleeves.

Wait patiently with the Super Abilities charged, attacking enemies and doing considerable amazing damage.

Choose a hunter based on your fighting style. Choose Ara’s deadly long-range sound waves or tau’s furry sharp claws?

Deadly hunters, dangerous demons, and shrinking blood-brain barriers constantly push your limits and test your survival skills.

During your journey, you can also temporarily collaborate with other hunters to hunt boss demons and search for rare loot. However, be aware that other hunters may suddenly turn your back on you and charge you all the prizes.

Relentless battle for the position of the last hunter

Discover and survive the lost era of the mysterious East Asia where ancient demons roam freely in the world of Hunters Arena on May 14th!

Apply for a closed beta on our website. This closed beta will be conducted as a limited beta test. The code is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, and applying it does not guarantee access to beta testing. The game is still under development and CBT does not reflect the final look of the game at launch.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends Closed Beta coming to PS5

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