Legendary Dark Knights is a DMC 5 mod that adds more enemies.

With the release of several new Vergil DLCs later this year, it’s a great time to return to Devil May Cry 5. If you’re looking for a more challenging experience, the Legendary Dark Knights mod might be just that. The doctor ordered. It’s out now, remixing campaign combat encounters and adding more enemies to the mix.

Created by two mods attended by Hitchhiker and Dr. Penguins, Legendary Leader Knights is a new campaign experience for DMC5. After installing the mod, start a new game with Son of Sparda difficulty. It has been renamed to Legendary Dark Knights. This time, modder has increased the number of demons it can spawn at certain times, so it encounters far more enemies. There are also sliders that you can use to further adjust the number of hardware you have to handle. It.

In fact, most LDKs are adjustable. In addition to tinkering with the soft and hard caps of enemy spawns, you can also use sliders to control the difficulty modifiers for incoming and outgoing damage, and adjust individual enemy types to make them work. You can also. They do it on one of the difficulty levels of the game.

Here’s a video of a hitchhiker announcing the launch of Legendary Dark Knights and explaining how to install it.

The LDK is compatible with the Devil May Cry 5 co-op mod, but if you want to play with your friends, you probably have to stick to playing as Dante and Nero. Playing as V at this time can cause a crash.

It’s a shame because I enjoyed the mod that turns V into Kylo Ren. Still, this is a great new campaign experience for DMC 5 fans, pushing the game (and sometimes the PC) to the limit.

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