Legends Of Etheral is now available on Xbox One

Welcome to the world of Alcañiz As on other days, the boy returned home and found it in the ruins, and his parents left. Courageously driven by the pain of his loss, he embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of his family … but what he discovers makes the world of Alcaniz forever. The legend of Ethernal is a 2D single-a player who needs to explore beautiful handmade environments, solve clever puzzles, fight challenging creatures and uncover the truth about the disappearance of their parents. Action-adventure game. Game Features Evolving Gameplay Enjoy the unlocking mechanics with the weapons and items you find Solve challenging dungeon puzzles and unleash strategies against boss battles in multiple dungeons Craft System In the middle of your journey Collect ether and craft items to help the game progress Unique and gorgeous art Admire beautiful 2D hand-painted art that covers multiple environments and scale up to 4K resolution with supported platforms Mysterious Event Experience a compelling and linear story with great characters Melodic Musical Scores Listen to great crafted scores.Veteran Musician William Gough Try multiple difficulty level hardcore modes for an intense experience or enable relax mode to complete the game

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Legends Of Ethernal Is Now Available For Xbox One

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