Legion’s online mode is delayed as the team focuses on fixing bugs

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It’s not a secret Watch Dogs Legion It has been Pretty buggy Since its launch at the end of last month, Ubisoft seems to be dedicated to tracking these experiences and ruining and organizing glitches.In fact, the planned online mode of the game delay Next year to give the team more time to solve single player issues.

Multiplayer gives Watch Dogs: Legion Players have the opportunity not only to engage in collaborative missions with up to three teammates, but also to compete in modes such as the Spiderbot Arena and invade other players’ games. These online activities were originally scheduled to begin on December 3rd, but will instead be returned to the more opaque release window in early 2021.

The patch will be removed this week, according to an official Ubisoft forum post Includes some fixes In addition to improving stability and performance on all platforms, it addresses key issues such as corruption and crash storage. The developers also state that the PC version has a manual save option.

Watch Dogs: Legion It is expected to receive higher quality features, including “further graphics optimizations” on the PC, to help high-end GPUs consistently reach 60 fps by the end of next month.

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