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F1 lessons for the football league

The 2021 F1 season was the most watched season in American broadcast history for the Racing League. The competition ended with yet another large audience for that climax circuit.

On average, nearly a million viewers turned to ESPN2 to see Max Verstappen controversial at the first World Championships at the chaotic Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on December 12. This is the case for a race that started at 8am ET on Sunday morning.

In recent years, European football has traditionally established dominance on sleepy Sunday mornings. But this year F1 dominated every Sunday.

The average audience for ESPN2’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was more than three times that of NBCSN’s West Ham-Burnley match at the same time. We also don’t compare ESPN’s other large foreign imports, LaLiga.just 465,000 people watch Barcelona Defeated Real Sociedad in the league’s ABC debut on Sunday, August 15th.

Indeed, it is apples and oranges that compare individual sports like F1. All Grand Prix offers championship-level events packed with superstars. On the other hand, team sports like soccer can have superstars and strong teams. It could be a healthy mix.

Still, it may be a worthwhile comparison to make. Ciarán Murphy, co-host of the second captain’s podcast, Recent episodes, “Are all sports now trying to say,’How can I draw F1 here?'” “

The beginning of F1 and football

In the 1990s, both F1 and football contributed to a relatively niche sports community. Each attracted attention in the crowded sports sector of the United States.Since then, football has definitely been The fourth most popular team sport in the United States..

Meanwhile, F1 has bounced back and forth from network to network in the last two decades until it finally reunited with ESPN. Fortunately for F1, returns paid dividends. F1 enjoys tremendous growth in an era of cord-cutting where the league is happy to maintain steady or modest growth. American viewers It has grown rapidly from 672,000 races in 2019 to a record high of 934,000 races this season.

Soccer league F1 lesson

Lewis Hamilton

Similarly, Number of viewers in Canada It has skyrocketed in recent years. The average number of viewers this season was about 728,000 per race (528,000 for TSN in English and 200,000 for RDS in French).Moreover, the number of viewers of Lewis Hamilton was really insane. Native England. An average of 3.4 million people watched the final race on free wireless channel 4.

F1 vs soccer ratings

F1 also shines when compared to some of the biggest club football matches in the United States. For one thing, the most notable race in F1 this year was the US Grand Prix. ABC with 1.2 million viewers.. By comparison, the ABC broadcast of the MLS Cup final attracted 1.14 million people. Still, this number has risen to 1.5 million with Uni Más and TUDN Spanish viewers.

Most attention Premier League match last season, Manchester Derby won 973,000 at NBC. Again, Telemundo and NBC Sports Digital’s Spanish viewers have increased this number to 1.2 million. However, F1 cannot compete with the Champions League finals and the Liga MX finals, which are the hottest league soccer games in the United States. Recent second leg of 2021 Liga MX Apertura Final Between Atlas and León, Univision / TUDN has reached 2.4 million viewers. Moreover, 2.1 million people watched 2021 Chelsea Manchester Champions League final at CBS.

Despite the F1 hype, NASCAR is much more popular in the United States. Sports media watch An average of 2.93 million viewers have watched the race on FOX, FS1, NBC and NBCSN.Besides, of IndyCar Viewer average Slightly higher than F1. The huge audience that the Indy 500 is still attracting highlights their average. A more favorable start time for the race will also help.

Impact on growth

If you don’t see F1, you’ll probably feel like this Irish Times With a columnist Second captain Ken Early, co-host of the podcast. In a recent episode, he incredibly asked the questions that existed in the minds of many fans.

“Why is everyone interested in this? I don’t know! But apparently Netflix somehow saved it. People were looking at Netflix and suddenly I started watching races too It was! “

What made F1 so popular among fans, influencers and prominent media members this season could be the effects of Netflix and the powerful influence of ESPN. Ben Axelrod, a journalist in northeastern Ohio, Joke, “Soccer Twitter and F1 Twitter – Randomly take over the timeline on weekend mornings.” Ryen Russillo, host of the 8th most popular sports podcast Spotify And Apple launched the regular F1 segment because of Ringer Kevin Clark This season. College football spencer hole, Channel 6 Hosting the SEC network “Thinking Out Loud” is another recent convert who spends a lot of Sundays. Irreverent cover race.

As Ken Early hinted, F1 has entered the mainstream among non-race fans in ways other leagues haven’t. Many factors helped the rise in F1. The underrated factor is that most of the F1 races start early Sunday morning and the main competition for action is European football.

Netflix attracts a whole new audience of popularity Drive to survive documentary. John Schensky, ESPN’s director of programming and acquisition, said multiple channels of viewing can accommodate a large number of viewers.

“By providing additional F1 content that reaches a wide audience, we can raise awareness and interest and, if possible, encourage us to participate in the race. The ebb and flow of the tide lifts all boats. “

Promotional ideas
F1 lessons for the football league

Max Verstappen Racing

Next is the star power of F1. It focuses on the up-and-coming rivalry between circuit charismatic champions Hamilton and Verstappen. And it’s not just the driver. Liberty Media’s immersive F1 racing work takes viewers deeper into the curtain than most other sports. During the chaotic finale of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Viewers have come to listen Toto Wolff, CEO of the Mercedes race team, strongly opposed the rules for resuming the race, saying:[y]You need to undo the previous lap, it’s not! “Toto, it’s called a motor race,” said F1 Race Director Michael Masi.

And there is ESPN effect. As an NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said When announcing the league’s return to ESPN, “I know very well. [ESPN’s] The ability to promote, market and reach more sports fans than anyone else. It was a very important part of the attraction that continued our growth and attracted us. “

F1 lessons for the football league

But can other leagues looking for significant growth in the United States draw some lessons from F1? Sportico writer Jacob FeldmanInspired by the rise of F1, he cleverly came up with “seven highly effective sports habits.” Let’s see if there is something we can do better in the soccer league.

F1 embraced social media

Feldman describes how to use F1 to prevent footage from being shared across different platforms. This wasn’t a problem for MLS, which has a strong online presence. And the team does a great job of sharing highlights. The same is true for European leagues, even if some are stupidly geographically blocked in the United States. Liga MX can do a better job of infiltrating the English audience.

F1 turned the race into an event

Soccer is incomparable to F1. Grand Prix races are usually held only about 20 times a season. Each occurs in a photogenic place, even if it is sometimes tyrannical. NBC did its best to turn a weekend match into a big event with them Premier League Fanfest.. Other European leagues do not have enough fan base to do the same in the United States. However, MLS can easily hold regular fanfests with so many enthusiastic fans across the country. And ESPN, which has already produced College Gameday, is the perfect partner to make it happen. Liga MX also has a lot of support in many of America’s big cities, so regular fanfests are not surprising.

F1 makes television broadcasts more welcoming

For example, we haven’t seen as much innovation in football TV production as we saw in the NFL. Unfortunately, I’ve even seen production go back to the SD era on ESPN. presentation 2021 MLS Eastern Conference Final

F1 broadcasts ESPN for free

This is a bold gambit from F1 and will be a big success with the next TV deal. But even if the football league wants to offer its products in exchange for more visibility, there are network bandwidth issues. The network doesn’t have enough broadcast windows to show all the different football leagues. Thus, we have now seen Serie A, Lyga and Bundesliga primarily behind the US streaming paywall.And with NBCSN formwork, Premier League matches may increase more and more peacock Paid streaming service.

Thankfully, MLS is heading in the right direction to make the game easier for most people to see. 2022 Record 48 games on free wireless TV (ABC, FOX, Univision, and UniMás).When Liga MX It already offers regular slate on broadcast television, including its super-popular playoffs.

F1 has improved the quality of the race

Europe’s top leagues already feature the best players in the world. Liga MX offers the most dominant club in Concacaf. And MLS is now creating an elite talent highlighted by the recent transfers of Brenden Aaronson and Gianluca Busio.And not all came from MLS, but the United States Tie to have now The fourth most popular player in the 2021-22 Champions League in countries other than UEFA.

F1 has developed a storyline

This is subjective, but a premiere with a combination of historic clubs, elite players, world-class managers with unique personalities, and internationally renowned / notorious owners with the most dramatic stories. It’s a league. This factor is also related to the debate between leagues with parity and leagues with super teams.

This is a subjective opinion, but it’s also an area where MLS is having a bit of a struggle. As soon as the economics of the game make young MLS stars known among casual and fans outside the team’s domestic market, they usually leave for Europe.Golden boot winner Taty Castellanos may leave last.. There are certainly big stars in the league like Josef Martinez and Carlos Vela. But MLS, of course, seems to rely on the mood of the match as a selling point, not as an individual star.

F1 has benefited from a growing digital community

This applies to all of the various football leagues that are also in the spotlight in the United States. Various subreddits and Twitter communities for clubs and leagues are thriving.

in short

Not much can other leagues learn from the F1 boom. After all, the F1 Grand Prix is ​​more like a golf or tennis grand slam, or WWE pay-per-view, rather than a soccer match. Many people watch as much personality and behind-the-scenes drama as real races. In football, even if football managers and owners wear microphones, they cannot provide their secondary benefits.

But soccer leagues, like F1, can learn to offer fans a better sense of big bets. In the crowded American sports arena, it may not be enough to trot a regular football league match every weekend and magically expect a large crowd to materialize. You can see it in the number of viewers of the Liga MX pedestrian regular season. Especially with cables.. The Liga MX audience is huge only in the playoffs. The same is true for the MLS Playoffs and the second half of the Champions League.

But it’s not just about providing knockout games. CBS’ Gorazo ShowThis allows viewers to see a bit of action from all Champions and Europa League games instead of sitting in one particular game that could be unexploded. Proved to be popular.. The biggest game changer in the United States is New and improved league cup It will be contested by all MLS and Liga MX clubs in 2023. There is little competition from other sports and it is drawn from the English and Spanish audience in the United States during the midsummer season. By that time, we may be talking about the MLS / Liga MX combo as much as about F1.

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Lessons for the F1 boom and football league in the United States Lessons for the F1 boom and football league in the United States

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