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SC Cambuur-Leeuwarden’s manager, Genk de John, ate well on Saturday morning in preparation for the future. After a one-on-one draw with De Flafshap the night before, the team and the staff in the back room, as he says, to further celebrate winning the Dutch Keuken Kampioen Divisie and being promoted to the top. Had a “small pint” in. -Fly Eredivisie.

“I’m not afraid to vomit,” De John told ESPN. “The hangover is not as big as last week [after they secured promotion], It’s a small one. “

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Cambuur could not be celebrated in the usual way. At a large party at the Oldehoofsterkerkhof in the heart of the town, the municipality and the mayor offered an unorthodox method of helicopter parade.

Just before noon on May 1, a squad of Cambuur wearing sunglasses arrived at Leeuwarden Air Base on a cloudy day. They saw three helicopters waiting at the parking lot. Two are for squads and one is for media after the parade.

Each helicopter has a capacity of 5 people and was able to fly Leeuwarden (a city with a population of 122,000 in the northern part of the Netherlands) at an altitude of about 300 meters (about 1,000 feet) for 20 minutes. ..

People in the city were asked to decorate their gardens and homes with the yellow and blue colors of Cambuur in preparation for the flyover. And when the helicopter flew over the field of LKC Sonnenborgh (a local Frisian handball club), they saw a flag on the grass with the words “SCC JUSTICE” on it.

This party has been a long time. When the coronavirus pandemic spread around the world last year, the Dutch FA (KNVB) held a meeting with the club to decide how to end the 2019-20 season. Cambuur was at the top of the second division of the Netherlands at this stage, 11 points away from the playoffs. Options such as point models per game were mentioned and the club voted. The 34 clubs in the first and second tiers of Dutch football have registered their thoughts. 16 clubs voted for promotion and demotion, 9 clubs voted against, and 9 clubs did not abstain or vote. The decision was on the KNVB, as there was no majority. He assigned Eredivisie a European location, but opposed the crowning and promotion and demotion of champions.

Cambuur was sad. They already had one leg in Eredivisie. De Graaf was “the biggest Dutch sport shame ever” at the time, and managing director Aad de Graaf told ESPN that he was “greatly injustice” at the club. The promotion party was put on hold as the club had already planned a top flight, including the development of a new € 72 million ($ 86.5 million) stadium on the outskirts of the city.

Last year’s wounds took some time to heal. De Jung supports his remarks, but he had to organize his team to focus on this season rather than relieve the pain of the previous April. After a nasty spell in September, they dominated the second tier of the Netherlands and won 27 of the 36 league games so far. When midfielder Issa Karon secured a promotion on April 17th with a winner against Helmond Sport. He raised his shirt and revealed the word “justice” in another letter below...

When the final whistle blew on that 4-1 victory, it prompted a celebration outside their ground, the Cambuur Stadion. It was a joy to see the municipalities and the mayor come up with alternative ways to show the success of the team. Beer-fueled celebrations are usually held in the sea of ​​yellow and blue flares, but recognizing the need to avoid large-scale coronavirus pandemic rallies, they dreamed of an aerial alternative. It was.

The helicopter circled Leeuwarden from 1 pm to 3 pm local time. Players saw yellow and blue flares lit up on the ground below. They saw the fire brigade forming a semicircle of fire trucks in honor of the team. Looking down on Maximira Street, They saw the club emblem chalked on the road.. More support was provided via Twitter’s hashtag #TerugWaarWeHoren (“Back Where We Belong”).

Midfielder Nick Doudoman told ESPN after landing, “You are very high.” “Before takeoff, I stood in front of the helicopter and saw another helicopter. [one] After taking off, I thought, “I need to go now.” The pilot was very calm and confident. highlight? You’ve seen your parents and girlfriend waving from the ground! They have some work around the house and I think I saw them waving in the backyard. But I don’t think they could see me. “

De Jung said, “It was great to see everything on the ground. People were so excited, sitting on the first flight, there were yellow and blue fireworks. There were kids on the ground, the garden. I saw him waving from. “

Some players weren’t convinced by the stunts. “Several players are missing today,” De Jung said before taking off. “They don’t want to go up in the air, but rather keep two feet on the ground. I’m not the guy who says” you need to go. ” You get this opportunity, you need to take it. “

Central defender Calvin Mac Intosh was an opponent of helicopter flight. He told ESPN: “Why? I’m not afraid of flying, but I don’t have to sit in a helicopter. I think [it is] too much. However, I was enjoying watching everyone’s videos, so I am enjoying it at that time as well. To be honest, I thought it was a military helicopter, [looks] Somewhat old-fashioned. Uh; the plane is fine, but the helicopter … well, it’s not for me. Robert MΓΌhren, the team’s top scorer who arrived at the airfield, said he was feeling sick, wearing sunglasses and sipping water but not flying. And so did Alex Bangal, Robin Maulun, and Karon.

Midfielder Michael Bray initially declined the invitation, but his mother and girlfriend changed their minds. “To be honest, I’m shivering in my boots,” he said before takeoff. “But I’m going to go up. I’m standing firmly. I’m very interested, but I’ll bring a sick bag.”

Cambuur’s nickname is “Slapende Reus“(” Sleeping giants “), but they are upset from sleep. Relegated in 2016, they have been absent from Eredivisie for five years. Cambuur still has two games this season and the celebration will continue, but you feel that you may try to increase your pace while De John is newly grateful to Terra Farm. ..

“Of course it sways during takeoff, but suddenly it goes fast just above the ground and rises into the air,” he said. “I was a little [nauseous] To be honest.We swirled over Goutum [a small village near Leeuwarden] Where [former player and assistant manager] Martin Bart stood up and said, “I feel nauseous, so go straight again” … but that’s also relevant yesterday. “

– Soccer Sports

Let’s go to the chopper!Inside a Dutch club helicopter parade celebrating a town-wide promotion!-inside-dutch-clubs-helicopter-parade-to-celebrate-promotion-with-entire-town Let’s go to the chopper!Inside a Dutch club helicopter parade celebrating a town-wide promotion

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