[Let’s Talk] What are you doing? -December 2020

A new month has begun this week. It’s December and I want to know what you are playing.

Hyrule Warriors: Have you played Age of Calamity? Immortals Fenyx Rising, Taiko no Tatsujin: What about recent third-party games such as Rhythmic Adventure Pack and Empire of Sin? In any case, let us know in the comments below.

Highlights of last week’s topic: Nintendo at The Game Awards 2020 – Hope and Dreams


This award show has as much legitimacy as all other mainstream ones: none. The perception is great and I think Nintendo deserves some releases. It’s quiet, but at least there should be Animal Crossing and Paper Mario Origami King nominations. The Age of Calamity is certainly notable, but I’m not sure if it will be released too soon. Expect less-expected references like Mystery Dungeon, but not so many. Also, there may be some awareness of the DLC Pokemon and cafes in the Phone Games section, but I don’t use them either.

About the announcement … As I said, it was very quiet. The announcement of the Smash DLC is reasonable, and probably a little more about Bayonetta. Nintendo sticks to other in-house / self-published IPs, so it’s completely ignorant of what else will come out. The BotW2 trailer is the most suitable. The more detailed Bayonetta 3 trailer would be great, and it would be interesting as this was the place where it was first announced.

My personal pipe dream announcement is Pikmin 4, but I generally take things outside the wall

Rocky Mabo

I dream of something in Metroid, as I always do when I get the chance.
But I believe there may finally be something in Bayonetta 3, or at least a platinum “fifth surprise” in the Platinum 4 lineup. The last thing they showed was an April Fool’s joke.


Regarding the award itself, we cannot expect much of Nintendo’s presence. It’s hard to believe that Animal Crossing won the Game of the Year at this show, even if it’s cool.

As for what Nintendo can show … there are actually a lot of options, and we’ve been late for a long time due to some information about the major games and DLC coming next year.
It could be a smash character, it’s been a long time since we received the announcement, it could be some BotW2 footage as we’ve been postponed about it for a long time, it’s Bayonetta 3 Or maybe it’s a Metroid Prime 4 trailer, it could be a Ghosts & Goblins game leaked from Capcom forever after getting information about these games. This is because it seems to be scheduled for early next year and there aren’t many other events or other new third party stuff to announce it. All of that is quite likely, but it will be a few announcements at best.
So what do I personally want / dream about? Announcing a new big first party project, something I think is bigger than all of the above.
Like Super Mario Odyssey 2 in the context of the 35th anniversary. Or the next game of Monolith Soft. Or something else as long as it suits my taste. However, that is much less likely.

[Let’s Talk] What are you playing? – December 2020

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