Level 99 games welcome Sakura Arms to product universe

Level 99 gamesAnnounced the addition of a popular two-player duel card game. Sakura Arms, For a rich line of immersive desktop game products.Complex and very popular board game Sakura Arms‘Country of origin, Japan, Level 99 games Collaboration with Sakura Arms‘Creator Baka Fire Party brings fan-favorite desktop games to the North American market. With its introduction in the United States and Canada, Sakura Arms has been able to generate significant enthusiasm from both experienced desktop game enthusiasts and new viewers.

Designed by a respected indie graphic artist known by the pseudonym BakaFire Sakura Arms The beautifully designed artwork complements the impressive gameplay experience that enables escapism as one of the 18 Japanese goddesses, also known as Megami. Perfect for game night hosts, tabletop game enthusiasts, and classic Japanese enthusiasts, Sakura Arms has been translated into English for its debut in the North American market, with residents fully understanding the character and complexity. You can enjoy the world-wide phenomenon. And game strategy. In an era where you spend more time at home surrounded by your family Sakura ArmsAvailability comes at the best time for those who want to engage in social activities that are easy and difficult to learn, reducing exposure to screen time.

“I created a Level 99 game to give desktop game fans a meaningful gameplay experience that fosters relationships with both teammates and opponents.” Brad Talton, CEO of Level 99 games, said. “We decided to work with the Baka Fire Party to bring Sakura Arms to the United States because it’s a great success game that Level 99 teams admire and fans will love. We’re the most immersive of them. We are excited to be able to provide you with this experience. It is possible for a true Japanese desktop game. “

Introducing Kickstarter on October 27, 2020, Sakura Arms is a welcome addition to the current game rotation of desktop gamers. An easy-to-play and easy-to-learn two-player duel card game, Sakura Arms requires players to choose between two megami and build a deck to harness their unique strengths and tactics. After that, the player will duel to the end! The gameplay is simple and elegant, and deck building and gameplay can take up to about 20 minutes.

Sakura Arms will be available for pre-order on starting October 27, 2020 and will begin shipping in 2021. For more information, please visit: Or

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Level 99 Games Welcomes Sakura Arms To Its Product Universe

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