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Presented as “F1 royalty and the greatest quarterback ever”, to introduce Lewis Hamilton and Tom Brady, two true legends of the sport that formed a golf couple at IWC Watch this Wednesday. , There is no biggest praise yet. A solid event “Pilot Challenge” held at the Miami Beach Golf Club.

Seven World Champions and Seven Super Bowl winners interviewed the sports and local media for hours after playing a charity game with the participation of former NFL player Marcus Allen and businessman Brandon Okparobi. I shared.


Lewis Hamilton and Tom Brady, Golf

“We’re neighbors in New York, but we don’t see each other very often, but I’m always following his game,” reveals Sir Lewis of Brady. An Englishman who has been playing golf for “three years” has accumulated his greatest talent for other sports disciplines.

“I want to say it’s like Tiger (Woods), but I’m pretty good at getting the ball out of the water,” he joked. He couldn’t roll up his sleeves to test the pond, but his driving and putting skills support the suspicion.

In any case, the result was the least of them. “I’m very happy to be in Miami, surrounded by legends. It’s the first time my sport has come to this city and the days leading up to the event are already wonderful.”

The British are at least smiling, unlike when they left Ímola in 14th place. Participants shine in the middle of a weekend in Florida. The non-permanent circuit will be built in Miami Gardens around Hard Rock Stadium and can accommodate 240,000 spectators throughout the weekend (82,500 on Saturdays and Sundays).

It is intended to increase that number in the coming years. All tickets that weren’t cheap were sold out. Tickets to access the venue without a stand have reached $ 1000. The team is doing actual juggling to balance all invitations or paddock club passes for VIP.

Among the prominent attendees are expected to be LeBron James, Michael Jordan, David Beckham, Sister Williams, Dwayne’The Rock’Johnson, Dennis Rodman and other screen, music and entertainment stars. And what’s under all the sparkles?It is a sport that wants to grow in the United States, and there are already many fans who can pack the venue, but it is still a sport that can not be classified as “mainstream”

The NBA’s Miami Heat Playoffs Crossover is broadcast on sports bar television. And the Fort Lauderdale ice hockey team, further north of the peninsula, entered the final phase of the Stanley Cup. Lewis Hamilton or Mercedes occupy some advertising screens in the city center or on the highway, but at the foot of the street, locals are still surprised when asked about F1.

Moreover, the English driver and his German team are not even truck references. Liberty Media wants a North American championship headline with this kind of event, the amazing 2021 season as a mecha, and the Netflix series as a seasoning.

There are already two races in Miami and Austin, and soon there will be three. Las Vegas will be held in November 2023. In any case, there are few competitions that complement sports and entertainment as well as F1, and these are two elements that work well in the United States.

I participated. It’s only a matter of time. McLaren wants to study all the possibilities with IndyCar star Colton Herta, who designed a test program for him, but probably the local driver is missing. On the other hand, the home driver is Hamilton.

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Lewis Hamilton Golf in Pilot Challenge Lewis Hamilton Golf in Pilot Challenge

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