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Hamilton led from start to finish, Verstappen counterattacked from a grid penalty of 5th and finished 2nd on the fastest lap.

Fernando Alonso used a one-stop podium to finish in 3rd place, encouraging it despite a series of front left tire failures. This insisted on Valtteri Bottas in particular.

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2021 Qatar Grand Prix race results

Development of Qatar Grand Prix

From the pole position Hamilton led AlphaTauri’s Pierre Guthrie to Turn 1 on a long run, and Alonso passed Guthrie second at the exit of Turn 2. Verstappen was demoted to 7th place on the starting grid after failing a double throw. In qualifying, the yellow wavy flag quickly rose to 4th place, despite being heavily barged by Alonso at the entrance to Turn 2.

In the second Mercedes, Bottas, who was demoted to 3rd place after qualifying, made a bad start and fell to 11th place.NS..

Hamilton had already finished lap 1 with a two-second lead, and Alonso overtook Guthrie and Verstappen. Guthrie then ran wide in the final corner of lap 3 to move Verstappen to third place. Lando Norris of McLaren was fourth after Esteban Ocon (Alpine), Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), Yuki Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri) and Sergio Perez (Red Bull).

Verstappen DRSed Alonso in 2nd place on lap 5, placing him in 2nd place, more than 4 seconds behind Hamilton. Teammate Perez overtook Tsunoda, Sainz and Ocon to climb the field.

Verstappen reported damage to the front wing on lap 8 and then Max was told to leave the curve, extending Hamilton’s lead to more than five seconds. Behind Alonso in 3rd place, Guthrie was attacked by Norris and Perez, who took 4th place on lap 12, and Perez demoted Guthrie one more lap later. After that, Perez passed Norris in 4th place on lap 16.

Verstappen made a pit stop on lap 18, put on hard tires and rejoined just in front of Alonso. Mercedes responded at Hamilton one lap later. The gap between Hamilton was over 10 seconds, but is now reduced to 8 seconds.

Bottas also moved forward, surpassing Norris to move up to 4th place on lap 23, and Perez pitted half a distance before rejoining the traffic, slowing his progress. Perez had to get him on track as Alonso pitted in to cover him – but they both stumbled upon Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who was running the long first stint.

Perez made a spectacular move on lap 29, Turn 1 and Turn 2, passing Alonso, allowing him to focus on the final spot battle on the podium with Bottas. However, it was decided when Bottas’ left front tire was blown off on lap 34 and he fell to gravel.After the pit stop, he rejoined in 2014NS..

Verstappen made another pit stop on lap 42 to win a new medium. Hamilton took the scrubbed medium one lap later, with an eight-second gap between them. Perez also stopped and fell to 7th place, returning Alonso, who never stopped, to 3rd place.

After that, Perez had to fight Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) over Ocon, but Norris was forced to pit in with a puncture on the remaining seven laps and was handed over to Perez in fourth place. Later, Williams’ George Russell suffered a flat tire on the left front, and teammate Nicholas Latifi endured the same failure.

A late virtual safety car was called in to get rid of Latifi’s stuck Williams. Verstappen has re-pitted new software to secure the fastest lap points.

After the race went green on the final lap, Hamilton won almost 30 seconds ahead of Verstappen. Alonso encouraged it with a one-stop strategy, finishing third ahead of Perez, and Ocon led the trains of Stroll, Sainz, Leclerc, Norris and Vettel.

Meanwhile, Bottas had to retire due to car damage, and Guthrie finished off the point despite starting from the front row.

2021 F1 Qatar Grand Prix Fastest Lap

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Lewis Hamilton wins Qatar GP Lewis Hamilton wins Qatar GP

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