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Due to two major crashes in the opening qualifying session and further reliability issues with his favorite Chip Ganassi Racing before the event, only 6 out of 9 teams were able to attend.

Molly Taylor and Johan Kristofferson’s Rosberg X Racing duo cleared 4.7 seconds in the afternoon qualifying session, surpassing X44 drivers Kristin Gutierrez and Sebastien Loeb.

However, Taylor entered the driver change zone at 44km / h and was penalized in the 1960s, denying the team a chance to take the lead and showing a strong run.

She handed it over to Kristofferson. Loeb fell into the team’s hands after losing six seconds after going offline on an opening run in Alura on Saturday morning.

However, the early mistakes of the nine-time World Rally Champion were not punished thanks to Taylor’s rebuke. In other words, Robe and Giteres line up with Paul in the opening semifinals.

Lyre Sans, Carlos Sainz, Acciona | Sainz XE Team

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Carlos Sainz Sr took over the entry of Acciona Sainz from Laia Sanz and took second place, and then showed off a spectacular run in the second time trial.

Meanwhile, Catie Munnings and 2019 World Rallycross Champion Timmy Hansen moved JBXE to 4th place in just 0.02 seconds in a provisional time, finishing 4th after RXR.

Jenson Button’s JBXE concerns eventually took full advantage of the 550bhp motor power and ran conservatively in the morning. The 2009 F1 World Champion closed the deficit of Robe and Kristofferson’s lap in three seconds.

However, teammate Mikaela Arin Kotlinsky went into a speed-limited driver change zone far beyond the 30km / h limit and incurred a huge penalty of 3 minutes.

She and Button then recorded an additional 25 seconds penalty for completing the swap within the 45 second minimum time limit, and was added for the benefit of gaining an additional 0.5 seconds.

It dropped the pair from the 5th to the readjusted 6th.

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Hispano-Suiza has benefited from these penalties. Oliver Bennett and Christine Jumpaoli Zonka’s pairing driver was comfortably the latest in the afternoon.

Their 58.43 second deficit combined with a loss of 2 minutes 25 seconds in the morning slowed the pace of 3 minutes 14 seconds.

However, reprimands for JBXE and three non-starters shuffled the duo into fifth place.

Chip Ganassi Racing chose to replace the car’s power steering pump after drivers Kyle Rudak and Sara Price broke down prematurely in the morning. This followed a LeDuc crash on Friday’s shakedown and a Price power-consuming battery issue.

CGR’s fierce time continued as he wasn’t ready to enter the session, resulting in a seventh line.

Apt Cupra and Velos Racing have confirmed that they will not participate in the afternoon time trial. The latter withdrew completely from the event due to irreparable roll cage damage after the crash of Stephane Sarrazin.

However, Apto Cupra was able to return to the race on Sunday and settle in 7th and 8th place with the roll cage and chassis reportedly intact. However, if the team is forced to work late into the night when the battery needs to be replaced, the entry will be small.

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Lewis Hamilton’s X44 team tops Extreme E Desert X pre qualifying Lewis Hamilton’s X44 team tops Extreme E Desert X pre qualifying

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