LexipPu94 Review-1 year later

The· Lexip Pu94 The mouse fell last year, and if you want to hear what we thought about it, you can hear it here. But as we grow older, we don’t know the shit. It’s been a year of passing Lexip through a grinder and new we have a new idea for it.

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If you were unaware, immediately Lexip Pu94, Elevator Pitch is a regular mouse with a twist. There is a joystick on the side, the entire mouse has a 360 degree full tilt movement, and you can assign the joystick and the controls you need for tilting. As you can imagine, this works pretty well in some games (RTS / Flight Sim) and badly in other games (shooter). To be honest, it was pretty at first, but after using it for a month or two, I stopped using the additional buttons for the game. As a reminder, I’ve used it (very) a few times to launch an RTS / 4X game, and that’s it. Others felt more like gimmicks than better ways to play. If you don’t own HOTAS, I support my statement last year that this works very well for flight sims, but other than that, it’s not really a game changer.

My main interest in mice was the use of mouse productivity in programs such as Adobe and audacity. Using the joystick to zoom in and out on the file you are designing and scrolling through the timeline of your audio / video file is a game changer. I’m considering buying a new mouse several times this year (reason for a little explanation), and the idea of ​​losing that joystick has repeatedly stopped me from doing so.

The mouse is upset by many bugs that have creeped up over the months. Consistently, at least once every few days (if not every other day), you lose access to one side of the mouse. Something suddenly stops working, such as left-click, right-click, scroll wheel, joystick, etc. I’m pretty sure this is a software issue that can be resolved with an update (if it’s actually released), as resetting the Lexip program usually resolves the issue. Unplugging the mouse and then plugging it back in will have the same effect.

as a whole, Lexip Pu94 Despite the bugs, it’s still my go-to everyday mouse. Is it annoying to have to disconnect and reconnect the mouse because I suddenly lost access to mouse clicks? completely. But it’s a two-second fix, and the joystick is so useful for a variety of programs that it’s sometimes annoying. It was released last year for $ 150, but I wouldn’t recommend it if it’s still in that price range. Since then, the price has dropped significantly to $ 40. This is a highly recommended price if you are looking for a mouse that will help you make a quality of life change in your productive work.

Lexip Pu94 Review – One Year Later

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