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Many organizations are available to students LGBTQ + affinity pageAnd this article describes some of those organizations.

The first thing to talk about is the organization 500 strange scientists.. This organization supports LGBTQ + people and allies working in STEM jobs through visibility campaigns. People can publish their own images, stories, and contact information to help create a comprehensive and intimate community. So far, there have been over 1,625 submissions. These self-submitted biographies raise the awareness and awareness of LGBTQ + experts in the scientific community. The organization has several goals, including ensuring an LGBTQ + role model for the next generation of STEM professionals. You can also post job listings or apply directly on the site. If you are interested in 500 Queer Scientists, their Newsletter, Community Job BoardWhen calendar Of LGBTQ + / STEM events.

The second organization we cover is Rainbow round table (RRT) American Library Association. Their mission statement is “Serving the professional community and the general public of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, pansexuals, genderqueers, queers, intersex, agendas, sexuals, and allies (LGBTQIA +). I promise to do it. ” RRT facilitates and supports the necessary free access to information. It provides members and the entire community with space to discuss the needs and educational environment of the LGBTQIA + professional community. RRT recommends books, emphasizes LGBTQIA + authors, hosts conferences, and has resources for professionals.

The third and last organization is Money Geek. MoneyGeek is a company that specializes in personal finance.They have a dedicated page on their website Funding for sex reassignment surgery.. This website is very useful for anyone interested in undergoing certain types of sex reassignment surgery. It provides an overview of the procedure, as well as a breakdown of the different types of surgery, costs, health insurance navigation methods, and alternative options available.

For more information on these organizations, see their links and LGBTQ + affinity page..

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LGBTQ + Organization – UConn Center for Career Development LGBTQ + Organization – UConn Center for Career Development

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