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Florham Park, NJ- New York Jets He has lost 100 games since his last playoff appearance in January 2011. Cleveland Browns And Jacksonville Jaguars.. All they had to do was reach 103, 2021 NFL draft, A reward for all suffering, but Jets will probably cost you to shoot yourself with a valuable outlook Trevor Lawrence By pulling off the miracle of Christmas Week.

No L.

Jets stunning 15th week victory Against Los Angeles Rams It changes everything from the looming head coach search to the quarterback decision. If they end up with a second pick Their expected current position, Jets will face a difficult decision as to which numbers will be in the LWT offseason-a life without Trevor.

“Jets want them not to win,” said a former general manager recently. “I tell you, I can’t afford to lose this kid. I can’t afford to lose this kid because it’s so terrible in every region, both inside and outside the field. I can’t lose this kid. [once] At the blue moon. “

Blue also represents the Jets fan-based mood. Now, what is the problem of everyone’s mind now? Suddenly I have a lot of questions. Let’s tackle the big problem based on the possibility that New York will be the second draft after Jaguar.

Does this affect the jets in the coaching market?

At the end of the season, there will be a vacancy of 5 to 8 head coaches. Apart from the confusion at the Jets-Rams level, Jets will be one of the teams looking for a new coach. Yes, this affects them. Frankly, the expected opening isn’t as attractive as it once was.

The prospect of leading a generation of talent like Lawrence would have been a big attraction for top candidates, especially aggressive coaches.Jets still has considerable draft capital to rebuild the talent-hungry roster (picks of the four first rounds of 2021 and 2022), which some candidates find attractive. Probably, but that is Clemson Tigers‘ Star.

Unless they jump over the Jaguar in the last two weeks, the Jets opening will be half-hearted in terms of sexy charm.

Can New York still draft a quarterback in 2nd place?

Sure, that’s possible, but the gap between Lawrence and the Ohio State University quarterback. Justin Fields Growing up. Fields, an estimated second pick, failed to play well in the second sub-par game of the month, the Big Ten Championship game. Fields still has a lot of physical strength, but his inexperience and struggle with top defense have raised some concerns among talent evaluators. This high-draft quarterback should be an elite outlook. It’s hard to put Fields in that category unless he plays Lightout in the College Football Playoff semifinals with Lawrence.

According to ESPN Draft Analysts, the other three quarterbacks have first-round results Melkaiper Junior Big BoardZach Wilson (BYU), Mac Jones (Alabama) and Trailance (North Dakota). One or more can be pushed into the top 10 due to supply and demand in that position.My feeling is Jets General Manager Joe Douglas To take one of them with the second pick, you have to fall head over heels.

Does this mean QB Sam darnold Will you be back in Jets in 2021?

It certainly increases the chances of returning to his fourth season, but it’s not Slam Dunk. Douglas has not pledged allegiance to Darnold because he did not draft. And, cruelly honestly, many questions remain in Darnold’s series of work. Since joining the league in 2018, Darnold is 39th in passer rating, 38th in completion rate and 39th in touchdown / intercept rate out of 40 qualifying quarterbacks.

The numbers are tough, but keep in mind that he’s 23 and doesn’t yet have the sonic luxury to support the cast. Much around the league still believes Darnold’s best ball is in front of him and he can fix it. If Douglas decides to roll with Darnold, he will put his trust in the next coaching staff and his own ability to put better talent around the quarterback.

The downside is economy. Darnold has one year left on the rookie contract (up to $ 9.8 million) and an estimated $ 25 million (fully guaranteed) option for the fifth year of 2022. If Jets rejects the option, it will probably be, but 2021 will be a one-year proven situation. Mitch Trubisky And that Chicago Bears.. Now you are talking about serious risks and rewards. If Darnold played well in 2021, it would mean a big gold extension or franchise tag. If he splatters, it will return to a square.

From a salary cap perspective, it makes more sense to start over with a newcomer and trade with Darnold, but at the expense of downgrading the talent in that position.



Rex Ryan is disappointed with Jets’ first victory as Jets may have blown away the chance to draft Trevor Lawrence.

What are the other options for the second pick?

If Douglas chooses to stick to Darnold, he can add a major part of the attack on the draft topic.He can get bigger with a tackle Penei Sewell (Oregon) Jets’ left tackle will be a formidable bookend Meky Becton, Or he can go to a dynamic wide receiver. Devonta Smith (Alabama) and Ja’Marr Chase (LSU) is considered an elite prospect. Imagine one of them with Jets Wide Out Denzel Mimes On the other side.

Douglas may also trade down and trade places with teams that need quarterbacks to win additional picks in the process. If he goes this route, it means he’s all-in with Darnold.

Are there any other scenarios that may be involved?

definitely. We’re talking about jets, so things are rarely cut and dried. Douglas may try a hybrid approach. That is, he drafts a quarterback in the first round (not necessarily number two), trades with Darnold, and gains a veteran who can hold the fort until the rookie is ready. This will give you short-term and long-term answers for that position while accumulating additional draft capital.

This represents a complete franchise reset.

At this point, anything is possible.

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Life without Trevor Lawrence? How One Victory Changes the Future of the New York Jets-New York Jets Blog Life without Trevor Lawrence? How One Victory Changes the Future of the New York Jets-New York Jets Blog

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