Lift Off: Drone Racing Available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4-Launch Trailer

Lift Off: Drone Racing is a fast-paced drone racing simulation by Astragon Entertainment and developer LuGus Studios, available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

At the heart of the console version is a dedicated career mode that introduces you to the fascinating world of drone racing. You can take the first step as a drone pilot in a small tournament and move forward by quickly winning the race and completing a larger but more difficult tournament. As the number of successes increases, more and more drone parts will be gradually unlocked.

In addition to large-scale campaigns, Liftoff: Drone Racing offers even more exciting gaming modes such as freestyle mode, free flight mode, famous classic racing and endless racing. All modes can be played alone in single player and up to 6 players in multiplayer mode.

Over 100 drone components, including frames, batteries, propellers, motors, cameras and antennas, offer a wide range of customization options in addition to a variety of skin and design opportunities. Create your dream drone by choosing parts from over 13 original brands and manufacturers such as Rotor Riot and Armattan.

Lift Off: Drone Racing is a full-fledged simulation with realistic physics and control. For a better introduction, a tutorial has been created to teach you the basics of control. As additional support, you can take advantage of the assisted flight mode, which stabilizes the flight path of the drone and allows new entrants to easily enter. Once mastered, you can gradually change the control options to more difficult levels until you reach realistic control of the actual drone.

Liftoff: Drone Racing reviews will be online soon.

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