Lil Nas X Releases Cheeky Video Game About Twerking

DDR But twist it.
GIF: Roni Games / Kotaku

Lil Nax X — a prolific tweeter, a former country music superstar, and now Lord of Hell — has released a new video game celebrating his current chart top hit, Call Me By Your Name. ..

Called Twerk Hero, The game starring Lil Nas X, instructing the player to use the mouse to move the physical loot of the sway to press the scroll arrow called “Temptation” while playing “Montero”. If you run into enough temptation, you can move on to the next level. There are a total of four levels, each recreating an iconic scene from the “Montero” music video. Lots Parody The moment Lil Nas X rides on a stripper pole and falls into hell.

Developed by Roni game Apparently it’s made with the Unity engine, Twerk Hero A fascinating game with simple graphics and a catchy ass soundtrack. Reminiscent of half a century of popular Flash games on, you can also skillfully dismantle John Milton. Paradise Lost.. It’s a great fucking game made by great humans, and if you just want to see Lil Nas X’s ragdoll across Satan’s knees, you have to play it together.

Released on March 26, “Montero” is already number one on Billboard’s music charts, and the music video has climbed 3.9 million likes on YouTube.Since the release of the song, fans have been playing Lil Nas X art Hades character And made him Characters that can be played with Dungeons and Dragons.. He is currently being sued by Nike for the release of a custom pair of devil-themed sneakers.

I like Lil Nas X for the same reason Like esports player Sonic Fox: Both are committed to living the best life as noisy, proud black gay people outside, without being bound by the rules of a white supremacist society that they like to put on queer’s body. is. Despite what the conservative head might say, weird black kids absolutely need to see someone like Lil Nas X thrive like him. They need to make sure that they can live a vibrant and successful life and that they do not have to oppress a part of themselves to live it.Fear Lil Nas X confessed to himself.

So thank you, Lil Nas X. Anyway, the street needed a twisting rhythm game.


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