Link Tank: Livestream Microsoft Windows 11 Reveal Event Here

Don’t miss the Microsoft Windows 11 Reveal event at 11am EDT today. Follow the live stream video below.

The new operating system, Windows 11, which will be announced today, did not originally exist in its current format, but has been developed by Microsoft for some time.Many of the changes you see during publication — some of them Already leaked online Prior to the event — was originally designed for Windows 10X, the version of Windows for dual-screen devices. Planned features such as improved UI features, including a start menu that essentially acts like an app launcher, have been adopted in Windows 11.

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Link Tank: Livestream Microsoft Windows 11 Reveal Event Here

https://www.denofgeek.com/culture/link-tank-microsoft-windows-11-reveal-event-live-stream/ Link Tank: Livestream Microsoft Windows 11 Reveal Event Here

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