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Winners: Northern Europe, Denmark, Losers: Benelux, Italy Overall Week 9 Market Signal Report

Market Signals-Where Do They Come From?

In the 13th week of 2020 (mid-March), we started by monitoring the number of LinkedIn job ads in 18 European countries and eventually expanded our observations. 38 countries In europe After the 15th week. This will KPI This gives a pretty good understanding of the overall trends in the global job market.

Career Angel analyzes the numbers collected and Complement quantitative data with detailed and personal statements & Insights on CEOs, HR Directors, Investors, Board Members, Candidates, Headhunters We Personally Know.We observe what it looks like trend You need to take advantage of them Better candidate management & More effective job search method..

These are not normal times, so we decided to share the market signal by the end of the week. If country / context is important, add them. Otherwise, make it general for confidentiality.

This is not the full version of this week’s report. View the full presentation here:

We keep in touch CEO, human resources director, Investor, board member And candidate What we personally know is to take the temperature. The abbreviated quotes are shown below in no particular order.

However, KPI This gives a very good understanding of the overall trends in the job market.

Market Signals – Number of LinkedIn Job Ads

Note: Some classified ads may have been removed from LinkedIn, not because the hiring process was put on hold or canceled, but because of the cost, especially in the dozens of cases. Companies may simply want to reduce costs and move to more cost-effective alternatives. Local job portals often offer significant discounts.

First list of 18 countries Sorted
Expand the list to 38 countries Sorted

Note: Numbers are collected every Monday afternoon. In the full version of this week’s report, you can find individual data for regions such as Višegrad, Baltic countries, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Iberia, SEE, Benelux, DACH, Western Europe and the EU.

Worth mentioning

First, an overview of the index:

Index 18: this week, 9 countries Release More LinkedIn Jobs than 13th week 2020: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, Bulgaria, Belgium, Romania, Croatia, Hungary.

European Union: In the 9th week, the European Union -15.32% decrease: 596,134 Less work The ad was published more than the first 17th week.

Winners of the Week: As for the region, the 9th week victory results belong to Scandinavian: Observed an increase in + 59.39% After the first 15th week.. By country, Denmark Is the winner in the increase of + 73.45%..

This week’s loser: The lowest result of all regions this week Benelux: A -38.14% Decreased compared to the 15th week of 2020. Worst country results: Italy With -27.38% Decrease.

Quotes collected from CEO and HR Director

Tourism: Blockades and travel restrictions meant that the business had to be frozen and refunds had to be given to many patrons. This is not what many of our competitors have done.

Manufacturing: Profit decreased due to low client numbers. I am the COO and much of my responsibilities have been taken over by the CEO.

VC Fund: Due to the impact of CV-19, the portfolio company did not reach the expected profit and had to cancel the sale. This meant that my responsibilities were not justified as I expected.

Tourism: Many employees had to be dismissed. In March 2020, the number exceeded 200.

Useful observations and tips for candidates from one of our contacts

Talent Acquisition / Head of International Public Institution

Prior to CV-19, there were sometimes only 20 applicants for posts. Now there is a huge increase. In some roles, the number of candidates is doubled. The role of human resources,further! In a recent post, there were 50 applicants within 12 hours. Online interviews prove to be more stressful for candidates for all reasons. Technical challenges..As a result, their performance Varies.The entire Candidate experience There are differences – not bad, but just different.

For now, and beyond CV-19, there are still two struggles: proper prescription Remote working policy, And design properly Digital onboarding process.

About the future: Everything depends on the success of vaccine development. However, there are definitely elements that stay here. Remote work If you don’t need a physical presence (currently you can save 5 hours a week and 20 hours a month on your commute. Why do you want to return voluntarily?) Online interview!!

Tips for candidates:

  • Cover the basics:our ATS “Run” the application as complete as possible. That said, I’m still surprised that about 30% of the candidates still don’t understand the absolute basics correctly!
  • Do not apply to all.. Constant rejection affects your motivation. Think it’s perfect and keep applying for job ads that won’t give up!

If you want to discuss your professional situation confidentially Or if you are considering Hire a career angel for support, contact information Who personally matches you with the most suitable consultant. To increase efficiency Resume And availability For Skype calls.

Would you like to contribute? Email the signal to Sandra (all confidential).

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LinkedIn Jobs-Market Analysis (Week 9) -Career Angel Blog LinkedIn Jobs-Market Analysis (Week 9) -Career Angel Blog

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