Linley’s wife helps him in a mysterious case of Inspector Lynley

A scene from the British crime drama “The Inspector Lynley”.

Tensions often arise between people with personality conflicts. Conflicts can be further amplified when detectives of different backgrounds are forced to work together to resolve a murder case. This certainly includes the two protagonists of the hit British BBC One crime drama The Inspector Lynley, the title protagonist, The Inspector Lynley, and his newly assigned partner, Investigator Barbara Hayvers. I am. Played by Nathaniel Parker and Sharon Small. Pairs must face gender and class inequality as well as conflicts in resolving crime together.

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The fourth episode of Series 3, “If the Wish was a Horse,” was written by Simon Booker and directed by Arrick Riley. It shows that his wife Helen (Leslie Wickeraj) is helping in his case as Linley looks forward to becoming a father.

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