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The rarity of mainstream titles that use classic turn-based combat has come to the point where it becomes almost novel. As a result, this genre is booming among indie developers such as Shishi Studios and the next game. Lion: Oracle Ballad.. The game continues with a lovely ball person named Shishi who continues his magical quest to save time and space from evil powers. In this next release, you’ll see a comfortable and colorful world, but the protagonist of the adventure is the turn-based mechanics. It remains true to tradition, but a simple demo sadly highlights some issues with the game itself.

The story begins …

The basic pitch of this game is simple. Shishi is an apprentice mage who lives in the wilderness and studies in a nearby building. After slaughtering a few onions, he is summoned with a mysterious voice. After navigating the structure, she encounters her future self, instructing her past self to embark on a journey to become the Guardian of the World. This is an easy-to-digest plot with a timeline twist without inducing headaches. It is also interesting to note that the story begins in an era of peace. Evil forces do not suddenly attack, and the priest is urged to continue this quest. It may sound a bit anti-climatic, but it gives a more complete idea of ​​the character of a kind of lion.

Short and sweet

It’s a fairly short demo, but there are many good things about the game and future plans. The aesthetic is simple but cute, with some very smooth textures and solid colors. The model is not built for complex movements, but the small animations are sharp and elastic and fit the overall aesthetic. The soundtrack is also pleasing but short, so I’m hoping to have more choices for long songs that are similar to the whole game.

Moving on to the mechanics, they all work very well. This game is a perfect combination of exploration and movement of traditional 3D platform games. Fragile objects and collectibles also have a physics aspect that makes playing around with the game more fun. An important mechanism is the ability to jump between timelines to navigate obstacles. This serves as an interesting puzzle-solving gimmick. Overall, the game seems to be quite attractive.

Long and missing

There is a reason why turn-based mechanics are declining, lion You may be a contributor. This title deserves applause for working on gameplay, which many consider to be a major programming challenge. However, while the mechanics work, they haven’t built enough to enjoy playing. Of course, this is a demo and we expect major changes towards the release. However, at present, there are some very obvious problems that pollute the experience.

First, there is the party side. Perhaps the most popular part of classic turn-based combat is the cast of characters that you can control. As far as I know, the lion is completely alone in this adventure and does not match that model. In the demo, the Shishi has multiple opportunities to fight a group of enemies, and she can only perform one action per turn. That already seems pretty unfair, but it’s acceptable if you have some range of spells. Unfortunately, lions do not have such abilities. All she can do is attack one enemy and try to withstand the attacks from the hordes that are otherwise staring.

No matter how slow turn-based combat is, strategic aspects help create valuable challenges. When luck dominates the field, the strategy makes little or no sense, and Shishi gives that impression. For example, the demo has an option to play on Easy or Hard difficulty, and I chose the latter. Eventually I reached a point where it was impassable by a group of enemies who did varying degrees of damage. Each time I thought I could withstand a hit, one of my enemies became critical and was sent to the on-screen game. To make matters worse, the demo has no checkpoints.

Finally, there are some technical issues. Thankfully, it’s not as bad as going through the floor and wild animations, but it’s still distracting. The bugs I encountered mainly affected the UI visuals, causing the data to freeze or flash temporarily on the screen. There were some moments when the event wasn’t triggered properly, but I hope this will be resolved soon.

The last line of the ballad

Lion: Oracle Ballad Is an indie cartoon fantasy game that uses traditional turn-based gameplay. The game has some mind and functional mechanics, but what’s built on this foundation isn’t enough yet. For now, the game is too slow and unfair. It relies on luck rather than strategy. But there is still hope in this genre. And the lion should keep fighting for it. When she chases the ballad, her adventure takes turns chasing the ballad.

Lion: Oracle Ballad There is no release date yet, but you can check out the game demo on your PC via Steam.

Shishi: Ballad of the Oracle Demo Impressions | A Battle With Turns

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